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Here’s The Scoop…. Flashbacks ….The Garbage RFP…FEB. 24, 2009… Mar. 10, 2009 …April 14, 2009 …

September 25, 2009 by Barbara

Dear Readers…For all of you who opened your Choice garbage bills over the last few days to find the franchise fees…and those who see an inequity between single/multi-family and commercial…along with the per dwelling unit charges…This writer wrote about it…This writer warned the companies at the table on 2/24/09 (see below)  this outrage would happen and even talked to Asst. TM Olinzock after the meeting…My efforts fell on deaf ears…
Sad to say, I had much faith in Choice and was rooting for them, thinking they were a standup company…Now I am not so sure. I had a good rapport with them and believed them throughout the RFP process and after they were awarded the contract when we discussed this per unit nightmare that if enacted by the Town would produce the ire of the residents incurring the extra costs…I was assured by not just one Choice representative but a few that said they were required to bring in all of the cans to not breech their contract with the Town …but they [Choice] had worked out a deal with the Town where Choice would be allowed to go to each property and allow an “exception” thereby alleviating the extra cans…and I assumed the extra cost….I am now being told that the properties may have less garbage cans BUT must still pay per dwelling unit!…I have been unsuccessful with receiving a call back from Choice…and it is quite a shock!…I hope they have not been told as the outgoing Fire Marshal was that they are “not allowed” to speak to me, a taxpayer and a customer!… One quite interesting point made by a totally inept Asst. Town Manager on the 24th of Feb……He said the Town was  leaning towards carts rather than dumpsters at multi- family properties …quite surprising to re-read especially after the 1 cubic yd dumpster was introduced last meeting by the administration to alleviate the “too many cans” problem…Hmmmm…You will also see below the difference in the old contract and the 2009 Colon Waste RFP ….contrary to the “story” being told by Comm. Clottey and the Administration of dirty deals happening with the previous provider…The changes that we are dealing with come directly from the Town Manager and her unilateral decisions…It’s her contract changes and her desire for more fees…plain and straight!..

Of Note…This was one of the many RFPs that were read aloud at the time the bids were opened…YEP!…

Here’s The Scoop…LBTS Pre- Proposal Conference For Waste, Bulk Waste and Recycling Services….Including…. ALERT FOR DUPLEXES….FOURPLEXES…..CODE/ FEE CHANGE….

Tuesday Feb 24,2009…Non- Manadatory Pre- Proposal Conference….10 am-Jarvis Hall…

(previous public notices RFP-below)



RFP 09-02-01


specifications may be obtained at a cost of $10 from the office of the Clerk Town Hall

A NON-MANDATORY PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE will be held at Jarvis Hall at 10 am on 2/24/09…Proposal shall be received on or before 2 pm 3/10/09 where shortly thereafter proposal will be opened and read aloud. 1 original and 5 copies must be submitted in sealed packaging and all clearly marked on all outer package  and/ or envelope “Sealed Proposal RFP #09-02-01 Solid Waste , Bulk Waste and Recycling Collection Services. Late proposals not to be considered.

RFP includes the following-

Section 1-Background information/Sec. 2- General instructions/Sec. 3- Terms & Conditions/ Sec. 4- Qualification Package Forms/ Sec. 5-Cost Package Forms/ Sec. 6-Agreement

The Town of LBTS reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive any and all informalities, and to accept or reject all or any part of ant proposal as they deem to be in best interest of the citizens of LBTS or the Town of LBTS may reject proposal and re-advertise. June White, Town Clerk

The meeting was a little late in starting…due to the hall being locked…and the staff unaware of the meeting itself…although it was published in the Sentinel…

After a visit to Town Hall for a second time…Asst. John Olinzock arrived around 10:15 offering up reasons for his tardiness…being noticeably “under the weather” and already behind in a very busy day that includes “Taste of the Beach.”…

Arriving to the conference were three companies…Waste management -our current provider represented by Tony Spadaccia, Government Affairs and an attorney…John F. Ferguson of Choice Waste…and Republic Services attendee, Damon Stinson,Director of Municipal Affairs

Choice e-mail: [email protected]

It was most unfortunate to watch how the Town was represented in this conference with many issues coming up in need of clarification above the Asst. Manager’s pay grade and issues about the requirements themselves being vague…. out of date…. or just plain wrong….


The one that really caught this writer’s attention is the one that will certainly raise the ire of multi-family unit owners….

The present LBTS TOWN CODE…..


Sec. 10-27.  Required.

The Town has granted a franchise fee for solid waste collection. All property owners in the Town shall dispose of solid waste by service through the Town’s franchisee except as otherwise allowed by law, and shall be required to show proof of same prior to the issuance of an business tax receipt by the Town or the issuance of any other permit or approval; or such proof may be required to be shown to any Town employee upon request by such Town employee.
Every property owner, lessee or tenant shall provide and maintain in good condition a watertight garbage container sufficient in size and capacity to serve each dwelling with twice-weekly service. No container may be used other than a container approved by and/or obtained from the Town’s authorized solid waste collection franchisee. Residents of duplex units may share a common container provided it is of sufficient size to accommodate the joint usage without spillover.
It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to place or cause to be placed solid waste on the property of another for the purpose of avoiding the provisions of this subchapter.
(Ord. No. 386, § 1, 3-25-97; Ord. No. 462, § 2, 1-23-01; Ord. No. 2007-06, § 2, 4-10-07)
The present code states….Every property owner, lessee or tenant shall provide and maintain in good condition a watertight garbage container sufficient in size and capacity to serve each dwelling with twice-weekly service.
The RFP contains….EACH unit will have a cart and recycling bins or cart…
When this writer inquired …Waste Management said currently a premium is paid and one cart could be used for more than one unit….under the new rules that will no longer suffice…one unit…one cart a 96 gallon cart plus recycle …
John Olinzock said the new code (not yet presented or approved by this Commission)…each residence has to have a trash account….
Also coming any multi-family over 3 units must use a recycling cart rather than bins….
If this is as it was presented by John Olinzock at this meeting…a plan to be enacted by this Commission in a new code….I would expect a visit from Rosa the “Tomato Lady” and Frank Herrman at the podium….
Other items discussed …
The language used …when deciphering the CPI and franchise fees…causing a perplexed Asst. Town Manager to say there was a need for clarification…
A law provision causing an inequity to the vendor to increase rates due to unusual circumstances such as DEP charge cost increase…asking if the Town is going to consider that…Asst.Town  Manager will need to go back for clarification…
The size of the performance bond being disproportionate…a million dollars was inadequate for the size of this contract…
Bulk pickup is stated to be unlimited in collection times for a single family home…not clear enough …later on it was stated the same for duplexes to have unlimited recycling as well…John Olinzock responded the Commission “is directing us to encourage recycling.”….Hauler  is required to provide the bins…to all with Town Logo as seen in other communities……also to be discussed further as we may see a change coming in the next year to “single stream” recycling that means all can be put in the same cart…making the bins obsolete…making it an unnecessary cost to the vendor…Olinzock spoke of the Commission not liking “ads” (meaning name of company on bins)..and related a story…that he once had an opportunity” to get free bus shelters on A1A but it died because it had ads on it”…and that he’s “trying to please a lot of people …keep people happy”…But he will make mention of the possible change that could come…
Discussion took place on dual recycling (bins-separated items) VS “single stream” recycling and the InterLocal Agency requirements…we are under right now…any change would take effect after 10/09 with an educational requirement to be followed first…also it was stated the County may be asked to cover the costs of the recycling carts….
BC- it is said by one reader that the current recycling trucks are not outfitted for recycling carts?….HMMM….
Confusion on no distinction in what is residential…single family/rentals that require occupational licenses/ condos…this too will need clarification …
Waste Management informed Asst. Town Manager Olinzock that the stated weight allowed in the required 96 gallon cart was incorrect…they hold 200 lbs., not 50….Olinzock countered he “surveyed” other communities for that weight…the vendors said that would be for bags and pails…(cans)…
Also no refrigerators or air conditioners and such will be picked up without meeting the certification  required that they are CFC free..

CFC – a fluorocarbon with chlorine; formerly used as a refrigerant and as a propellant in aerosol cans; “the chlorine in CFCs causes depletion of atmospheric ozone”

HCFC, hydrochlorofluorocarbon – a fluorocarbon that is replacing chlorofluorocarbon as a refrigerant and propellant in aerosol cans; considered to be somewhat less destructive to the atmosphere
pollutant – waste matter that contaminates the water or air or soil
fluorocarbon – a halocarbon in which some hydrogen atoms have been replaced by fluorine; used in refrigerators and aerosols
Freon – any one or more chlorofluorocarbons (or related compounds) that are used as an aerosol propellant, organic solvent, or refrigerant
greenhouse emission, greenhouse gas – a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation
this certification can only be done by a certified individual who provides a certification sticker…otherwise the hauler would face a stiff penalty…this will either be reworded or these items will be no longer allowed for hauling off….The Town Attorney will be taking a look at the inclusion of the guarantee asked from the parent company…being insufficient in the language and in need of another form….
Yard waste needed to be dealt with requiring the size…and weight…(it was a typo with one part) and what will be allowed now is 3 ft. in length in the cart…and for bulk 6” in diameter and 6 ft long…50 lbs.
Now …while the multi-family homes will be required to have 1- 96 gal. cart for each unit…a single family home may NOT have more than 1- cart even when wanting to pay for it…
BC- this homeowner had 2 at one time about 5 years ago…Waste Management said that would no longer be allowed…
More clean-up (pun intended) in the language with the section on the hauler having to replace any cart that is damaged…with no reference to who caused the damage…it will be revised to make it the responsibility of the vendor if caused by them…while the cost will be the resident’s if it is found they are at fault …as they are the “custodians” of the carts….
The section allowing for sideyard collection will be wiped away…remaining will be a section for handicapped exceptions…
Also contained in the RFP was recycling required for commercial properties…OOPS!…not so fast aTown Ordinance will be required as done in Lee County…
What can’t be done by the Town with an Ordinance…they cannot decide who will be the business’ recycling company…per state statute…no such choice for residential owners…
Another point that was made by Waste Management…the insurance being asked for by the hauler to cover sub-contractors in emergency situations such as after a hurricane…no sub-contractors have that amount of insurance and while the hauler can help find the companies that do the after storm debris pickups…it is the Town that deals with the sub-contractors and FEMA…the hauler only provides the the quantities and volumes…as has been the case in the past…LBTS uses Crowder Gulf for these services….
John Olinzock said the Town was trying to build a “relationship” with the hauler to deal with this type of situation…will need alternative language or be removed from the contract…also will require lowering the insurance required …
The current RFP allows only those companies that have at least 5 years of experience with carts in declared municipalities to submit a bid…leaving any “newbie” out in the cold…which can be looked at either as guaranteeing only certain big companies need apply…thus  ensuring we allow for only experienced companies…no startup hassles or it ties us down and thwarts any company with less than 5 years under their belt….John said this one may or may not need clarification…..
Temporary discontinuance of service only applies to single family homes….
Another question needing further input …the delinquency rate charges …not contained in the paperwork…
Joh Olinzock said  the Town wants multi-family dwellings to go in the direction of carts rather than dumpsters…
Special collection fees were outdated…using rates from approximately 10 years ago…leaving the vendor no way to increase these charges for the 5 year contract…theses deal with special service charges to commercial properties…dealing with locks…gates etc…Waste Management said it wasn’t a big deal after all …although Choice said it makes for inequitability to those without special services needs in the uniformed costs…being that would be where the difference would come from….
Waste Management asked for their “guys” to get Thanksgiving off…believe it or not…it’s up to the Commission to decide…right now…they only get Christmas off…that should be a big “passes 5-0″!
After going over the points requiring clarification…additions…and deletions…for a formal addendum…..John Olinzock outlined the “significant dates”…in this process…
3/10/09- Bids in and opened oat 2 pm…Jarvis Hall
3/13/09-Town Administration scoring criteria
3/25/09- Negotiating the agreement begins
4/14/09 Approval executed by Town Commission
more to come….

MARCH 10,2009 ….CHOICE BID…(full post in scoops cat)…..

5. Choice Waste Services-Plantation, Fl-Bond -$50,000./ Res sing. fam.-Duplex $17.92 per mo./ Multi- fam.- $16.97 per mo./ Res. dumpster- $899.42 per mo./ Comm. dumpster- $816.11/ Compacted comm. dumpster- $1436.41 per mo./ Roll out dumpster-$454.00/ Emergency preparedness- vegetation & transport- $20.00 per cubic yd.-debris- $25.00 per cubic yd.

BC- Choice Waste is currently the waste service provider for Fort Lauderdale…with service for recycling town wide …and is just about to be the solid/ bulk waste contractor for the entire city as well…….

The Town had a formula to be followed for the costs…based on the sizes…from a 96 gallon toter-8 cubic yards….to be added to the pick-ups per week…those totals were divided by 30 to come up with the averages…of the costs per mo….they include the franchise fees….

While they included the cost for compacted commercial dumpsters the rep. from Waste management informed me there are currently no such compactors in town to do this….

APRIL 14, 2009 ….CONTRACT GOES TO CHOICE….(LBTS Agenda/Meetings cat.)…

4/14/09  …Town Manager Report…

8. Discussion and/or action regarding RFP 09-02-01 Waste haulers (Manager Colon)

Last month (previous LBTS agenda/meeting category post) Choice Waste Services won the job…now it comes down to the negotiations…and the agreement…contained in the backup online (link below)…The Commissioners threw out some terms they wanted included …but they were not voted on at the time of the meeting…they were just the inclusion desired by that particular dais member…such as Vice Mayor McIntee saying 2 times he wanted new trucks only…NOT in the agreement……He also asked in his “grilling” of the companies if they would  take less than a 5 year contract…which does appear in the agreement …with 3 years. to begin with three-3 year renewals…..But did the Commission actually decide to go for less than 5?…Also brought up by Comm. Dodd but not included in this agreement… the 96 gallon toter being the only size allowed…Still in the RFP is the required 96 toter along with recycle bin PER ” dwelling unit”…in a multi-family thus enacting a change from the present choice (pun intended) that lets landlords/owners decide how many toters are truly required by their tenants and on their limited lot size properties…undoubtedly increasing their costs as well….UPDATE…THIS WAS ADDRESSED AND WILL CONTINUE AS IS ALLOWED PRESENTLY….The waste employees will get an additional holiday off…in addition to Xmas…New Years Day…(this needed to be voted on to allow)…The recycle bins and containers will have the Town logo on them and will be replaced by Choice if stolen or damaged beyond repair…in an unlimited number of replacements with no charge to the resident or Town…garbage toters will be repaired or replaced within 2 days…also no charge to residents or Town…Asked for and included “portalets” for special events…(4th of July…with the real number required per the County?)….The Town has the right to change the size of the toters and frequency of pick-ups and Choice “shall adjust accordingly’…with the customers being responsible for the increase or decrease in the costs…The Town can change the billing practices at anytime…(there was discussion at the CIC Town Hall meeting to put it on our ad valorem taxes)……”Corporate Goodwill”…Choice will pay Town upon award the current franchise fee rate on gross single family/residential collections portion of this agreement 3.76% …1X per month will be electronic waste pickups…..a rebate of $20 +/- per ton on all recycled products from Town owned and operated buildings….5 recycled computers (if available) for the Senior Center….Admin. fees $3.76 gross single fam/res. on agreement…The final numbers…Residential Single Family $17.92/ Multi-family $18.37…(the rest of the costs in the backup material…link below)…The Law firm representing Choice Waste Service…Rothstein,Rosenfeldt and Adler…

June 1,2009 is the date to begin…It is 30 days before the Waste Management contract ends…but we hear Waste Management will refund for that 30 day overlap…

Public comment is welcome…Multi-Family Building owners may want to speak up!….UPDATE…A READER GAVE THE HEADS UP…UNDERLINED WAS THE PRESENT ALLOWED LESS TOTERS. PUT IN THE NEW AGREEMENT…..Thanks…Reader…

From angry residents…there is definitely more to come…

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Here’s The Scoop …. The Black Marks For McIntee Just Keep Coming …

September 25, 2009 by Barbara


“Politicians need religion even more than a hermit in retreat. If a hermit acts out of bad motivation, he harms no one but himself. But if someone who can directly influence the whole of society acts with bad motivation, then a great number of people will be adversely affected.” Dalai Lama

Dear Readers… The pile-up of bad actions are coming at an accelerated pace for Vice Mayor McIntee …. The By- The- Sea- Future newspaper is out today and Editor Mark Brown’s front page story is one that caught the eye of this writer last May  when this incident took place. (prev. posts….VFD cat.) This article will surely resonate among the Town’s voters when they make their decision for Commissioner next March!…. It contains key information from the  BSO Investigative Action Report that confirmed the Vice Mayor was (in this writer’s opinion) negligent in his actions on that day as the LBTS-VFD Deputy Chief  “First Responder” on scene for an apparent suicide that took place in his neighborhood…Mr Brown lays out the chain of events… from the 911 call…..Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief McIntee’s  actions after receiving that call on his radio and the series of  bad decisions he made ….He did not follow VFD procedure to wait for the BSO and chose to enter the scene knowing there was a gun per dispatch. He entered the room knowing a gun was in there with a child and a woman following him and he decided NOT to provide any first aid as a First Responder possibly altering the outcome of the gentleman’s death!…  Will the wife decide to sue him, now knowing he did not assist her husband as he was obligated to do as a First Responder?…Why didn’t the VFD Fire Chief immediately suspend McIntee pending a full internal investigation of his actions?….Why didn’t the Town Manager ask the Chief to remove McIntee as she did recently with the VFD Battalion Chief ? ( We all know that she has the authority to do so.)….Will Town residents want this VFD Deputy Chief to be allowed anywhere near their homes on 911 calls after learning about this incident?…

Here’s is some additional information….

The VFD Incident Report (prev. post ) which includes the CAD report……. (VM/Dep. Chief McIntee acknowledged this was how he heard the call in his BSO interrogation).. ..

VFD Incident Report 2009-1400474-000/ The Incident was on May 4, 2009/ The VFD Report was made on May 8, 2009 (Dep Chief McIntee arrived per report at at 17:12:35 )





BC- Remember this Readers as you read on….. Dispatch informed McIntee over and over again that the man was unconscious and breathing and had a gun…also the VFD report narrative has NO narrative made by Dep. Chief McIntee…


The BSO Event Report was made on May 4, 2009… LS09-05-00054….it included the following narrative by BSO Deputy Treijs…(BSO per report at arrived 17:13)

” On 05/04/09 I responded to 2036 SE 15th Ct. in the Town of Lauderdale By The Sea, in reference to a call of shots fired, possible suicide attempt. upon arrival, I observed a Voluntary Fire Department’s (VFD) vehicle in the driveway. I met with the Complainant XXXX, and VFD Assistant Jerry McIntee inside the house, talking in the living room. XXXX advised me her husband XXXXX just shot himself and is in the master bedroom at the end of the hallway.

Dep. Pickell, Dep. Eason and I went to the master bedroom, where I observed a white male  XXXXX laying on his back in the bed, with a handgun to the right from his hea. There was a large quantity of blood behind the subject’s head. XXXXX arms were trembling. I immediately secured the handgun in the trunk of my patrol vehicle. American Medical Response medics arrived at 1716 hrs and started CPR on the subject, transporting the subject to North Broward Medical Center at 1738 hrs, followed by Dep. Hincken.


BC- The BSO report says AMR arrived at 1716 hrs/The VFD report says AMR arrived at 17:15:15/ The AMR Town monthly report says they arrived at 17:12:35 …we have been told they arrived and stood down until BSO secured the scene for them to enter as their standard operating procedures dictates.. just as required in the VFD SOPs…(not followed by Dep. Chief McIntee)…



Page 2

WITNESS 3: Name: Jerome “Jerry” McIntee

Vice Mayor and Assistant Volunteer Fire Chief of Lauderdale By The Sea

W/M DOB 04/03/46

Address 4504 Bougainvilla Dr. (Work adress at McIntee’s request)

Telephone 716-868-8333

“Stated he heard a shooting call on his fire radio, when he went out onto his driveway he heard screaming from the victim’s house which is located approximately 400 feet from his house. He got in his car and went to the scene. He was told by XXXX that the husband had shot himself and was in the master bedroom not moving. McIntee said he entered the master bedroom with the victim’s wife and daughter following him and after taking a look at the victim he knew he was dead because of his color, he never checked for vital signs. McIntee then made everyone sit in the living room until the arrival of the police, which he said was almost immediate. McIntee said he hung around for a while with the ambulance company, then left the scene.”


Page 3


American Medical Response

Private company contracted by Lauderdale by the Sea

Telephone 954-491-7997

EMT Donald Anderson

EMT Robbie Salvino

“(They treated the victim at the scene and transported him to BDMC where he was pronounced dead by Doctor Burshan at 5:58PM) EMT Anderson stated the victim had faint life signs and he decided the victim should be transported to the nearest trauma center.”


BC- Deputy Chief McIntee said in his interview with the Sheriff that he did not check for vital signs…”he knew he was dead because of his color“…BUT the dispatch said he was unconscious and breathing…He did not act as a first responder…checking for rigor mortis or morbid lividity…and walked away from assisting the victim …The BSO report they entered the room to see the victim’s “arms were trembling” and AMR report the victim still  “had faint life signs” …We residents have been told the point of Deputy Chief McIntee or any VFD First Responder is to assist the patient until AMR is on scene…He chose to not do that!…That decision was on top of the decision he made to enter the scene, against the VFD-SOPs and to allow the family members (including this young child) to enter the master bedroom where he knew there was a gun and allowing her to again witness her father after he shot himself!… He was negligent and should be held accountable on every level!


“Negligence* – deviation from the accepted standard of care resulting in
further injury to patients.

* Duty to Act
o A contractual or legal obligation must exist.
o Formal – As part of First Responder’s occupation, they are
required to render emergency medical care.
o Implied
+ Patient calls for assistance and the dispatcher
confirms that help is being sent.
+ The First Responders are dispatched as part of the EMS
+ Emergency medical care is initiated for patients.
o “Legal” duty to act varies according to state law where
there are moral and ethical considerations.
o Specific state regulations regarding duty to act will guide
your decisions.
o Duty to act appropriately means following guidelines for
standards of care and acting as another prudent individual
would in that situation.
* Breach of the duty means failure to act or failure to act
* Actions or lack of actions of the First Responder caused the
physical or psychological injury/damage.”

more to come……….

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Here’s The Scoop … 9/22/09 LBTS Commission Meeting #2 … BAIT & SWITCH ….

September 24, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…At the Sept. 22, 2009 Regular Commission meeting Commissioner Dodd asked that the agenda be amended to include discussion and/or action concerning the Town Manager’s Annual Performance Review which was to have taken place at a workshop prior to this evening’s meeting…(prev. post)…Commissioner Clottey said in what would be the first of many disturbing comments and actions made on the dais that she was going to address this topic at her Commissioner comments…This writer thought for a moment she was trying to stop the process again because it made no sense to say she was going to discuss it in her comments…nothing could be acted on at that time and we would again leave a  Commission meeting with no time and date for the evaluation….Luckily the Mayor and Commissioner Dodd paid no heed and proceeded to put it on as New Business item 16 g……

In her Commissioner comments, Commissioner Clottey appeared to be in cahoots with the “2-Hats” and perhaps the administration… she totally changed the rules agreed upon for Town Manager’s review!… And this change stinks to high heaven!….

At the Round Table meeting on Sept. 10th…the Commission decided that the FLOC  would be contacted to send someone to out Town ….BUT, that was separate from the Manager’s evaluation…

The Commission agreed to  the following at the Round Table……

1. For each Commissioner to fill out the Lauderhill evaluation ( with comments and all contracted vendors) and turn it into the Town for the Town to distribute copies to the Commissioners before the Sept,. 22, 2009 5:30 pm workshop….

2. To allow an hour and a half for the public to comment on the Town Manager….

3. To tally the evaluations and any results that averaged a 3 (meets expectations) or below …(does not meet expectations) were to be addressed in order to find solutions to improve the situation ….(Vice Mayor McIntee’s suggestion)….

But maybe this writer was correct when I wrote that the  “2-Hats” did not realize what they agreed to when they went along with Comm. Clottey’s Lauderhill evaluation and perhaps Commissioner Clottey herself saw just how hard it might be to evaluate honestly with her choice of material?…..

Now  the Commissioner and her pals want to bring in a FLOC “retired” Town Manager to do the evaluation!….  Commissioner Clottey, Commissioner Silverstone and Vice Mayor McIntee says it will not be biased… In fact the Vice Mayor said the Town Manager is doing a great job and “he’ll prove it”…Hmmm….

A Google of the THE FLOC RANGE RIDERS….produced the following….(2008-2009)

“Local Government Management
The Range Rider Program, a joint project of the Florida City and County Management Association
(FCCMA) and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), is designed to make
retired members of the city and county management profession available to local government
managers and administrators to help solve their business-related problems. Range Riders, who are
selected by the FCCMA Board of Directors, are made available at no charge to local government
managers and non-manager cities and counties for private counseling. Range Riders are envisioned
as friends, colleagues and counselors to the government and individual managers and should not
be considered as “consultants” to the local governments.
Range Riders will meet periodically with managers, on request, to discuss developments in the
management field and professional concerns of the managers. Range Riders also are available to
discuss the form of government with elected officials. Discussions may include such topics as relations
with council, career changes, selection of managers, professional management techniques, financial
and general budgetary problems, staff reorganization and training, and questions of professional
The Range Riders also have easy access to FCCMA and ICMA programs and resources. These
advantages make this program an attractive source of outside counsel for the management

You cannot tell me that a former Town Manager will not be biased…How could they not be?….They held the position themselves…..The evaluation of a fellow Town Manager does not fit the description supplied above… in fact it states …”Range Riders are envisioned as friends, colleagues and counselors to the government and individual managers and should not be considered as “consultants” to the local governments.”…OOPS!…

This is a total cop-out ….. The Commissioners are not abiding by the Town Manager’s agreement with the Town to have an annual performance review BEFORE the annual Town budget is approved (Monday Sept. 28, 2009)….after dealing with this issue since last February!…

If the majority on the Commission go this route they will be letting down their constituents and not be fulfilling their duties ….

Let them bring the Range Riders in after the review…for dealing with their own problems concerning meetings…organization and communication…and their interaction with the Town Administration…but not for a “hand-off” having  the FLOC do the Town Manger’s Performance Review…that is unacceptable…

At the meeting Resident Christopher Vincent gave his public comments before the Commission discussed the item….

Christopher Vincent…..

“At the round table discussion two weeks ago, there was some confusion on how to review the town manager’s performance. So I would like to share some ideas and practices of other towns.

I am suggesting to the dais and the people of our town, that we need to take a responsible approach to the performance review of the Town Manager, which still has not been done.

We keep hearing that we haven’t reviewed town managers of the past, so why bother now. Well maybe it’s time to do what the contract reads. This is just another example of the commissions ineptness to perform and delay its duties and responsibilities.

I would like to bring to the attention of the Dais, information regarding the position for Town Manager in Pompano Beach.

According to the consultants search description, commissioners are seeking someone with experience, managing city duties during a shrinking economy; with a willingness to upgrade job performance, responsiveness and customer service of city staff. Someone who has 10 years of proven good Judgment and good communication with elected officials and residents as a town manager.

The Pompano Beach Town Manager’s salary will be between $175,000 and $195,000.

Pompano Beach’s Town Manager will oversee 716 employees and a $204 million dollar budget.

Also another point of reference is the Town Manager of Davie.
He Earns $171,000 a year with an annual car allowance of $6,600.

Oversees 610 city workers and a $91 Million dollar budget.

A few areas that need to be considered when evaluating a Town Manager are:

Salaries- Does our Town Manager’s salary and benefits match that of cities of similar size? Our Town Manager is earning in the area of $155,000 including benefits. She oversees approximately 25 employees and a budget of approximately $20 million dollars. The budget of Pompano Beach is 10 times the size of LBTS and Davie’s is 5 times the size of LBTS. Their town manager receive an additional $15,000 to $20,000 more in salary then our Town Manager

Does our town manager have the experience to manage a city during a shrinking economy with the willingness to step up job performance.

Has she Proven good judgment? I’m sure we can debate this one on many issues. This is just other towns criteria of evaluating a performance review.”

This writer has another “evaluation” for the Town Manager and that “evaluation”has been right in front of the Town Manager, the Town Commissioners and the Town residents the whole time…(prev. posted)…


Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

Mission Statement: The Commission is committed, under complete transparency, to pursue the will of the people, and acknowledge that any decisions shall maintain and enhance the charm and pattern of a people friendly sea-side village.

To focus on and achieve the Town’s vision and mission statements, we will uphold the following values:

1. Town Administration exists to serve our community. We will provide open access, encourage involvement, and ensure accountability.

2. Town employees are invaluable. We will attract the best recruits, retain the top employees, and invest in personal and professional growth.

3. Under honest, ethical, and diligent values, we will provide outstanding customer service that is polite, friendly, and responsive.

4. Neighborhood involvement is crucial. We will preserve continued encouragement in our tradition of community participation for all Town activities and functions.

5. Economic viability is essential to our Town’s success. We will assure fairness in the collection and spending of all public funds while effectively ensuring the Town’s short and long term financial strength.

6. To assure a safe and protective environment, we will comply with the Town Charter, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

7. Maintaining the natural environment of the Town is essential. We will strive to preserve and protect the Town’s charm, beaches, and finite natural resources.

Answer the LBTS Town Mission Statement honestly and it is this writer’s opinion…this Town Manager receives a 1….” DOES NOT MEET EXPECTATIONS!”…

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Here’s The Scoop …. Want S’More

September 24, 2009 by Barbara

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September 24, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers ….Today the current BSO Police Department office is being outfitted with all new windows and doors….Yep, the BSO is being pushed out to the crappy hotel next door and the Town Manager is installing all new windows and doors for her Development staff when they move in!… Nice move, Madam Manager…… Tell us how you really feel about the BSO!…

By now you all know that Town Manager Colon was telling the BSO that it was the Commission that wanted them to move…when the FACT was it was the Manager who informed the Commission what she wanted… So what else is new!…

The BSO told Town Manager  Colon from the beginning they did not want to move into the hotel, that it was substandard and they would prefer to stay where they were…She knew if the Commission knew the position of the BSO perhaps they would not have purchased the hotel, which is exactly why she kept quiet and worked so hard to keep all the parties at arms length…She probably would have pulled it off too … if  she hadn’t terminated Scott Gooding…..OOPS!…

Now that Scott is gone and the BSO Police renovations have been pared down to $150,000 from LETF …  (the RFP bids  due on Sept. 30th) …… and she is flush with  all that year end “unencumbered  funds”….that allows her to buy and install new window and doors…no Commission input required!…She only needs to come to them for anything over $15,000 ….and the cost for this, is either below that…or split in multiple invoices so it comes out below that $15,000 amount.. Hmmm….

What does this “improvement”  being done at this point in time say to the BSO Police?….You guys know where you exactly where you stand with the Town Manager!…

Tact of an apple, Madam Manager…tact of an apple!…

more to come……….

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Here’s The Scoop … 9/22/09 LBTS Commission Meeting #1 …. Quick….GET THE HOOK … Updated….

September 23, 2009 by Barbara

Dear Readers…Vaudeville is alive and well and we saw it last night in Jarvis Hall!…At the September 22nd Commission meeting the “program ” may have looked a little lean it was pure the slapstick …with antics galore…and a few sideshows to boot…pun intended!…Remember Vaudeville always ran long…and so does this post……

And Now Ladies and Gentleman…..Curtain Up!….

ACT I…34  signed in to strut their stuff…but these “babes-in-arms ” were “definitely the opening act “..among them were the serious to the sublime…with three among them that are setting their sights on the “big time”…looking to put their names on billboard!…… There were some moments that made many in the audience forget that the “headliners”  were still to come…. Ellen Kirby wanted to know about the end of the use of her easement and why it had to be so…and she still has a big increase in her garbage rate…Offspring came to try their luck at the podium…the “Tomato Lady’s daughter…who spoke of “karma” ….and “frat houses”..two subjects not often seen together in one act…perhaps not “feelin” the love we hear the newbie was less than stellar when she walked out of the hall in protest for “bad karma”…and said a shut the F.U. to another residents mother!……( in need of some grapes?) … John Otten…was concerned about the debt and the lack of negotiating the payoff…he spoke of th penalty clause, saying he had never encountered a municipality that had one…He still was awaiting an answer from Chief Perkins about the fireboat…Clamoring for the real deal…the “Tomato Lady” herself, well known around these parts and in outer space… LBTS’ own Roseanne Roseannadanna…such a character who always provides us with her own special shtick …The self proclaimed “Queen of Tomatoes”  was “Bein’ penalized” with an ordinance and looking for some relief …but with no response from the dais,  she said “I know you guys cannot all answer at the same time!”….producing the first big laugh of the night!…She said SHE, has a “lifeline” …”to Esther” answers HER calls….(it’s all in the CIC-connections)…….(more on this below)….Ron Rogliano spoke of the 1 or2 yd.cubic  dumpster and having no place to put it…to get it brings him yet another problem…the loss of the Town required parking spaces…Ray Walowitz spoke about the survey wanting to know who prepared it…saying it was vague and talked about the Commissioners listening…There were those who spoke of the Bel Air signs…pro and con

Bob Fleishman”…In observing the Town Meetings for the past two years, I determined a few things about the lopsided manner in which our Town has been run. Most of the Town Meetings were consumed with the VFD and its development. Very little time was given for passionate debate on other issues. The rest of the time was spent on ridiculing, bullying and lecturing one of our Town Newspapers and anyone who has an opposing venue with the Vice Mayor, the other Commissioner, or the Town Manager. This, of course, includes the disrespect given to Commissioner Dodd and Mayor Minnet. It is known that the best defense is a good offense.Of late, our Vice-Mayor has become quiet as a “Church mouse“. Guess he is preparing to Campaign on just how nice he would like you to think he is. We, the citizens have very long memories. The rants, the lies, the smoking mirrors. A leopard does not change its spots, he just moves them around. Mis-information is constantly been spewed upon us. Not one question from the Public, has been handled as constructive criticism, or even answered and acted upon. Now, we hear from the other Commissioner, he is the duo’s voice, in his little list of rebuttals. But then again, he is also running in 2010 and we know the two of you are inseparable.It is a bit discerning that the VFD has such a rotating door. Will LBTS ever really be professionally protected. We are known as the town to get your training in, and then go forth and seek a real Firefighter’s paying job. “That isn’t saying much“, when the ISO gave the training rating, a very poor ranking“. And yes, although the Department is a “for profit” Corporation, it is US the tax payers, that have a fire assessment, separately, on each and every residence, supporting this corporation. Now understand, I’m for the VFD, I just don’t think there is enough incentive for the body count to remain, and be familiar, with our little town. Where is a Certified Fire Chief in their Department? Have they hired a professional to qualify and train theses novices properly? No. Are they looking? This question has been asked over and over again.In closing, just know, we will be heard, we will get results and we will be represented properly. A “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”, as far as we, the people are concerned, is as transparent as the trail of wrongs, that he leaves behind. We know who you are and we know it is time for a radical change in 2010.
Thank you”
Jeff Goldstein spoke of a big snafu at the Hampton Beach Condo…Did the VFD Fire Chief call this one in?…Mr. Goldstein needs to request the VFD-Incident /CAD report (expect a look-see is expected to verify)…..Daniel Halperin talked of Watergate and John Dean as he used them for a comparisons to the current administration….(Town Hall East?)….The female half of the Vice Mayor’s Taco Bell Advisory team strutted up to the podium to hype her Halloween hoopla…a $4000 taxpayer expenditure that the Vice Mayor said later on was for kids that don’t live in town…she ended with this “Don’t miss the ritual right of passage”…to walk the Haunted House (Jarvis Hall will be shut down for 2 weeks)…Ben Freeny came to set the record straight on his exchange at the last budget meeting and was the recipient of a rare apology from Comm. Silverstone…but alas Mr. Freeny’s concerns about the payoff of the notes were dead on!…..Vito Chiarello spoke of the lack of listening that the residents find from those who are sitting above on the dais…Dennis Ritchie spoke of the lack of training with the VFD….Mark Brown spoke of the e-mails…the Commission Round Table. meeting ….and the MIA performance review for the Town Manager, He spoke again of her contract ….compared to her predecessor and the inaccurate statements made yet again by the McIntee and Silverstone from the dais….John Touhy, a retired firefighter said the new $150,000 firetruck should be sent packing….The owner of the little ice cream store by the Pavilion came to say she no longer was allowed her benches out in front…(little did she know …after she jumps through some Colon hoops…she might be granted back the privilege )….Spiro Marchelos spoke of a father and son who caught a 22′ swordfish…and again asked for a stop to attacks on his business….


Edmund Malkoon… “At the last public comments, I was very critical of the mishandling of public records by the Vice Mayor. I also spoke of witch hunts and scare tactics which are causing our citizens to think twice about speaking up. I gave an example of harassment & vandalism that occurred at our home.
What happened the next day shocked and astonished me and many members of the community. The Town Manager, in her continuous role of abusing power and going where she shouldn’t go, asked Mr. Olinzock, the Assistant Manager, to investigate my claims through the Police Department. Why did she not call me instead? At the time Chief Llarena wasn’t able to locate the claim and told him that he needed more information. Later that day, the Town Manager issued a false memo attempting to discredit me. Last Tuesday, I went and spoke with the chief myself. He was able to locate the CAD report and on the following day provided it to Mr. Olinzock.
Did another memo go out to correct the previous one?
Did the members of the commission receive a copy of the report provided?
The Town Manager has used town money and time for a personal vendetta. I ask the town manager: Who directed you to investigate this? Was it a disgruntled commissioner who didn’t like what I had to say? Here is another example of a type of dictatorship that is occurring in this town. Last I checked, we live in a country where freedom of speech is our constitutional right. It is not I who should be defending myself. Rather it is the citizens’ right to hold their elected officials responsible for any wrong doings.
That being said, I just want to make myself very clear.
If this was aimed at scaring me, you’ve failed!
If this was aimed at silencing me, or the voice of the people, you are dead wrong!
I love Lauderdale-By-The-Sea too much to continue to watch it slowly die. I will continue to speak, to hold our representatives and management responsible, and to do everything in my power to see that change occurs in March 2010. This is why, with much support of many residents, friends, and family, I have decided to run for District One Commissioner. It is my hope that together we can ensure the town escapes the darkness and re-enters the Sunshine.
Thank you!”
Lois Marchelos…”I had nothing to say tonight but then I got a phone call from Janet at Kilwin’s. She told me that she had received a phone call from the chamber of commerce asking if they have any complaints about the Saturday night music and if they did, to come to the meeting tonight and complain.
Jan called the chamber back to get the name of the person that called her. The chamber said not them. Jan went to her caller I.D. and the number was 954-776-1375.

She dialed the number and lo and behold, she was connected to Town Hall . Is the use of this type of mis-information the way our town should be run.We need an investigation! This is wrong !
We need to find out whose private line is 1375. We need to know who was present at town hall between 1:25 and 2 p.m. If no one will admit doing this, we need polygraphs. This is a serious abuse of Town ethics and a potential criminal violation.
Madam Town Attorney, who has 1375 as a private number. If you don’t remember please take 5 minutes of your time and find out right now, Your refusal, if you so refuse, will speak volumes.

On a happier note, while reading the local comics, an organization called the commission oversight committee gave grades to our commissioners. Three of them performed flawless, but two of them need to try harder. To help the failing two, I will give them a gift. I am having an embarrassing bracelet made up with the letters inscribed WWJD, That is” What Would Jerry Do.” I have to ask this commission if they new who wrote that article and gave the grades. Is there a new group in town that has been formed called the commission oversight committee?
If so, if the writer and leader of the COC is in the hall please rise and take the credit and accolades for your kindergarten grading system.”
……”FFFRANK” came for his customary 3 minutes…it was pigeons “blankety, blank” pigeons ..”I love the pavilion and so do the pigeons”…good for a lighthearted laugh…”Get your Peanuts”….The man with one name…Peanuts…Peanuts…like “Cher or Liberace”…..back from a short stint in Ohio…..his “act” was the nothing new…Where’s the “hook” when you need it…. Nothing beat Ron Piersante…our local Future’s paper deliveryman…He was a “crowd pleaser” tonight…as he spoke of the Vice Mayors “advisors” Mr and Mrs Taco Bell of El Mar Drive AKA Town Hall East”…The “red-faced” Vice Mayor and his pal Jimmy-Boy sat forward and called it a “personal attack”…They were the “hecklers”…The audience was booing the “2-Hats”…it provided the Town Attorney her “line”.. “Clueless Clottey” really brought the house down when she woke up and said…”Did I hear a reference to Mr and Mrs Tom Carr”…and the Vice Mayor said to the Mayor…who was quite “coy”… “It’s clear to everybody who it’s referring to you know it and we know it!”……Mr Piersante was allowed to continue…this time talking of “snacks that squirrels like”…and “firetrucks”….The newly announced  candidate’s (post to come) mother was a star in her own right “this is not an insult, this is a correction, a criticism to better you. As a Vice Mayor you are supposed to be updated on all modern technology and how to use it. I was watching the last meeting and I was appalled by your behavior and the way you smiled and laughed like you were a cute little baby that didn’t know how to write e-mail, keep them or answer them. Well, then you shouldn’t be Vice Mayor! Today’s life requires that you know how to handle e-mails and keep them and not only that you have to produce the.” … and stood her ground with the Town Manager telling her she [TM] “you have  too much time on your hands, you tangle where you don’t need to and with the wrong people!”…Mrs. Malkoon was not going to be intimidated by Esther Colon!…You go girl!……

Yann Brandt…”Ladies and gentlemen at home and audience, members of the commission. Over 2 months ago, we found out that Chief Gooding was fired. Unilaterally we were told, I could not believe that. So I asked a few questions. I asked for e-mails that that Vice-Mayor sent and received. Exactly 2 months and 1 day later on August 30th, I am told by the not so honorable Vice-Mayor that the e-mails are gone. I made a follow up request for even more dates and receive further not that those e-mails are gone as well. At the last commission meeting we all heard the following. And I quote the Vice-Mayor.

“I have one line I usually use, which says thank you for your email. Vice-Mayor McIntee. I then delete it.” I then delete it.

Florida law requires that public officials be the custodian of public records including e-mails and text messages, the Vice-Mayor has now twice refused to comply with the law and then admitted to breaking it. As a resident and taxpayer I will continue to fight for transparency in our government. I know that other residents stand with me on this and will not allow an elected official to continue to defy our State laws. As the second highest elected official in town, Mr. McIntee, I ask you, comply or step down.

On another note, as next weeks budget meeting is on Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday, I will make my budget comments now. I have been trying to be involved in our budget process. I have now received the copies of bank statements from the town totaling somewhere near 14 million dollars going into the end of our fiscal year. At the last budget meeting we were shown a chart of assets totaling approximately 18 million dollars. Madam Manager, how much money do we have now? Now that we are paying off our two loans. Or do we have 3 loans, as I was told earlier today by your office. Maybe my requests should be answered fully with no information withheld. This is completely non transparent and beyond accounting 101, because you have made such a hodge podge or shall I say ‘shell game’ of our books that no one else could possible understand what you are doing with our money. To be clear, my copies have more black outs than most CIA documents.

Ladies and gentlemen, get upset at what your officials are doing. They are breaking the law and wasting your money. If you have questions regarding what I said, I do e-mails and you can ask me for copies of what I have at NO charge, saving you 100s of dollars. My email is [email protected]

To conclude, madam manager you are trying to run our town into the ground. Your work products are sub par and your staff is not complying with record requests in reasonable time under your direction.

It is time for you to resign and take your dictatorial style elsewhere. Also the commission should rate you with 0’s on their review. But you are obviously scared, as the review should cement your work capabilities to qualify as the assistant to the Town clerk.”

Commissioner Silverstone was heard to say “throw him out”…..hardly a “class act!”…..

A short intermission…

ACT II….Reports…for August…we had Development,Municipal, BSO Police…not ready for prime time…Finance, VFD, AMR….

Public Safety Discussion…The VFD “Little Chief” came forward..with a “teaser”  after Comm. Dodd asked him to clear up the comments and questions about the fireboats and the required training……….Chief Perkins said they were “still in training”…it will be a “few more months before they get up and running”….”we’ve had some problems with it”… “when we finally do get all the training done it will be on our website and everybody will be able  to read and see what kind of training we do have. HUH?…It’s been spotted out and about…jaunts in the ocean…with the VFD stating it was done with an outside certified trainer aboard…Last budget meeting Comm. Silverstone stated the fireboat assisted in 2 dock fires (a PRR from the VFD was made by this writer…the VFD Secretary and the “Little Chief” did not know what was being asked, I am awaiting a response after they confer with Comm Silverstone and find an incident report…perhaps Comm. Silverstone did a little “McIntee”.)… Asked again by Comm. Dodd about the Captain to hold a license … Perkins said “It’s still part of the ongoing training to see what we need. Another month or so BEFORE we decide what the qualifications are.”….WOW!….Clueless Clottey and Jimmy-Boy “threw” the “Little Chief”…a few  “softballs”…like the ISO and the lack of time for training the VFD with “sunny days” to come…the “#3” ISO rating is just over the bend…The 5 trucks…we need 5 trucks…”to help our neighbors”…and if 2 break down…we’ve got 3 “waiting in the wings”…This ain’t no ordinary “red engine” show…it comes complete with “roadies” on call and flown in from Virginia to repair the “vintage” vehicle…(The “ladder truck matinee’ can be seen in the El Prado Parking lot)…. cost $1 an hour…BYOB…”Little Chief” and the “trainers”…Padden, Conn and Senior Training Officer VM/ Dep Chief McIntee…he of the “Cliff Notes-Evelyn Wood” certification….( one  8 hour session from Trainer Jr.?)….Da Deputy Chief looking a bit “thick”…spoke of BSO fire and AMR…throwing out his “Jerry’s special jibberish and jabs”…The Master of Ceremonies…Mayor Minnet…reeled him back (without a net)…for the first time with many more to come….She was showing who should hold onto that center seat and that gavel!….

ACT III…Town Manager Report… she was quite shaky in her delivery…perhaps she forgot her “lines”…She did it…it really, did it…she took the “directive” from the Commission on the 14th and paid off the promissory notes the next morning!…OUCH!… The woman who charged the former BSO Police Chief with “fiscal irresponsibility” went in and paid off the notes with no negotiating down the pay off!…. Manager Colon ” With the ELIMINATION of the debt service”…How can she say that when we still have the parking lot $1.6+ million loan?….”I am requesting that the Commission consider approving $16,238 for the receptionist, front desk clerk can go back to 40 hours.” …currently she works 30…and she is also “requesting one of the 4 employees from Finance , we have 4 that work 30 hours, one of them be allowed to go back to 40 and that equates to $16,238 for salary, fica and retirement. …So this writer was correct…our LBTS 30 hour employees make what most 40 hr. employees make in other municipalities…an increase for each of $16,238 for 10 hours…mean they already make close approx. $48,000!…The Commission never addressed the request…The Manager also said she was “bringing it up now, it will be one of the proposed and last changes .”…the “bottom line of the budget will not change.”…Hmmmm…She then went into damage control mode (she’s there alot these days)…answering Mr Marchelos and the unsolicited call to Kilwins about the weekend night music….We heard in the afternoon prior to the meeting that Kilwins received a call wanting to know how they “felt” about the music on Friday and Saturday nights…and if they did not like it they were encouraged to come and speak at the meeting…The store thought it was the Chamber and called the Chamber…the Chamber was not the one placing the call!…The number was on the store’s phone and they called back…and who answered the Town Development office!…We hear the secretary played dumb…then got a little defensive…then went to talk to Asst. TM Olinzock and came back to announce that John Olinzock said NO calls were made from that office!…Louis was notified as well…he too called the number and found out it was the Town!…The secretary told him as well no calls came from there!…The Town Manager this evening said what a few of us already knew…(this was after the break ..after public comments) that the number was the Town Development office…and then she falsely stated a call from there would either be “code compliance or a “citizen inquiry form responded to”…HUH?….Come on!…The Asst. Town Manager later said at the podium it was HE that made the calls!…(more of this type of politically motivated Town Administrative behavior will be seen later on with the Bel Air street signs and with the Malkoon police report)…That was some “plan” the Town Manager and Olinzock must have concocted at the the break…but methinks the Town Manager was unaware her Asst. made his statement of no calls that afternoon!…OOPS!…More stumbling and bumbling came forth…(that’s what happens when you deviate from the script)……..The Manager then stated there was a “resident who made a comment a break-in or some incident in their house (neither comments were said in Mr Malkoons’ public comments)… she said she “told John to please contact the police department because to me it’s rare that the police department does not respond to any kind of situation.” She said “this is no personal attack, this is no personal vendetta. I don’t know where these words are comin’ from, because I have…”and she stopped, looked at the Mayor and said “I’m trying to explain, but obviously nobody wants to listen, that’s okay. I’ll put the “facts” in writing. Why should I sit here and every time I sit here I get interupted and there’s plates it’s”… “I will put the response in writing if this Commission does not disagree with me I’ll put the “facts” in writing.”

Dear Readers, I sat in the 2nd to last row…I have one “Chinette” paper plate that say “MARCH 2010″…but no matter, the Town Manager is zoned in on me!…I turned my head, held my plate in front of my face in order to not disturb her and whispered to answer a question from the Malkoons (mother and son) if they should be allowed to respond to her inaccurate account!…The Town Manager’s skin is getting thinner each week!…

The Manager did go on…”I do want to tell this Commission that the memo I wrote was from the facts given to me by the police department. If they were updated recently I will put the “facts” in writing., but believe me I have no personal, it doesn’t exist it’s not me. But with that I prefer to put it in writing.”…

BC- Mr Malkoon went to the BSO on Tuesday the 15th…after hearing of the memo and the accusation…The Chief  found the CAD report while Mr Malkoon was there…and we hear…the BSO sent a memo to both the Town Manger and Asst. TM on Wed. Sept. 16th…A week later…the memo was still not distributed to the Commission!…That’s totally political and personal…and she was in my opinion purposely deceptive on the dais……the issue was NEVER with the BSO or lack of police response to the Malkoon residence, it was with “midnight vandals that “tour” the town”… and the Town Manager knew that “fact” from the get-go!…OUCH!…

Not finished with her act …the Town Manager then did what has become her M.O. when countered with facts…she veers away from the question …and goes outside the “lines”…Mr Brandt asked about a 3rd loan that suddenly was included in his PRR…..His question did not include that he wanted it payed off…but SHE went off on it…saying it was a “proprietary fund” and she hoped the Commission would not ask her to pay if off because it’s “like a business” and the receipts from parking will pay if off…Hmmm. Let’s see…. it’s for the Bougainvilla “WHITE ELEPHANT” parking lot…and the Town Manager thinks the revenue from that lot will pay off the loan…the empty lot…Has she done a cost analysis to see the income from the lot…. the cost of keeping the loan vs. paying off the loan?…Where are those figures?…We know how well versed she is in the Town’s “parking business” with the broken down handheld devices and the parking RFP!…OUCH!…(Note to Commissioners…follow-up questions are a must!)….Mr non-CPA Jimmy-Boy Silverstone  tried to wrap his head around finances…HIS head…enough said…The Town Manager “speakin'” his language said it was “KAfoozin”…the “operatin’ fund”…and added “we redact” response to Mr Brandt…She talked about the grants again skewing the reality of what transpired to suit her needs…It’s sad, really sad to watch someone on their way out!…The Vice Mayor said “let’s put this in layman’s terms”…saying if we paid off the proprietary debt for parking we would still “be solid”…the Town Manager said “NO”…The Vice Mayor went into campaign mode (campaigning from the dais)…taxes are down…the Town Manager is being “viciously” attacked…the “proof is in the pudding”…and the “people out there (far out there) “know in their hearts and minds”…in other words… re-elect the “2-hats…you re-elect 4 more years of this Town Manger”…it’s a package deal!…WOW!…Three’s company?…

ACT IV…Commissioner Comments……(vignettes to come)…but here are some off the most memorable moments…The Mayor said the residents should contact them stating we cannot “e-mail all the Commissioners”!…(VM McIntee has no e-mail…per the Town website …prev. post./ how about his VFD e-mail?)…Clueless Clottey lived up to her “stage name” this evening…her time away did nothing to jar her memory…she did a repeat performance on the “Scott Gooding” termination STILL unable to get the point…all she was being asked to do by the “WILL of the people” was to vote to “DIRECT” the Town Manager to reconsider her decision…There was squirming among the audience…yawns and giggles…when Clottey said she was “good at it” (being Commissioner) and that she does “a decent job” she’s “fair”…The comments heard…”she hasn’t got a clue”…”she is so out of touch!……Note to Comm. Clottey…stay away from the nightly “hosing”….and “Town Hall East!….Commissioner Silverstoner…the “answer man” trying out his “Carnac”… answering “pecifically” to the best of his ability…..Comm. Dodd took the time to be prepared and discuss the e-mail debacle……the trust of the people…the path we have been led down and the map we need to find to get back on course in 2010!…..Vice Mayor McIntee talked about 1 woman who he said came to him and told him to carry on…He’s hitchin’ onto to that poor woman and his imaginary friends”…”somewhere out there”……sadly trying to quote President Kennedy’s “ask not” ….  as he addressed  the root of all the problems in our town ….”33 feet”…If we get the people to vote for “33 feet” townwide”…then the small hotels will magically become “art deco”…the “fabric of our neighborhoods” will change and we will become whole…I see the “healer’s” hands all over this epiphany!…Question is…just how much of the Mc-Furth 33 ft. Referendum is already written up?… He went on to talk of evilness…mean and nasty people…to that I say “FLASHBACK!”…(see below)…

ACT V …. Consent Agenda….”one ringy…dingy”….from Town ….and Clueless Clottey asking for 3 months to remain.for the Friday/Saturday special events..I call that political interference from town staff (read above)…and more “fiscal irresponsibility” ….It means the businesses need to come back next month to re-up for the next 3 month…costing more time for the town staff and the Commissioners on the dais!…Give the businesses a year and give the Commissioner 3 months!…. The noted change in strategy  for the Chamber in these pre-re-election day…still produced some questioning about the  $5,000 allotted to them, with the Vice Mayor in the dark….. and noticeable jab  from the Manager that if the Chamber doesn’t want the money they don’t have to spend it…Contempt from the Manager is a constant companion when it comes to our Chamber of Commerce , the  ONLY RFP this Town Manager really,really wanted to put out!……Now that’s the one SHE would be happy to read aloud…..The Pelican Hopper…Hop..Hop…Hoppin’ to the tune of $58,092 for the Town…it was  voted on by the Commmission…and when it was discussed…the Commission said no…but the “direction” wasn’t given and here we are today……The Manager said it was a 1 year deal…but seems to this writer there was a change in monies not long ago and the Commission needed to vote to “continue” the service until the end of the  agreement…OOPS!…Also, conveniently left out of her responses …while saying other municipalities would live to have the “$44,574” from the County grant…she neglected to tell all of the other communities who cut back on the days and hours of bus service to lower their portion…OOPS!….Comm. Dodd asked for a re-evaluation in 3 months to see if a stipend would be required…I still say 5 fire trucks…no waiting …hitch a ride ….

ACT VI …. Old Business…the Bel Air signs…Another political play by the Town Administration…guaranteed to get someone’s knickers in a bunch…The current Bel Air Civic Assoc.board was on the fast track to getting a change in their signage…the Resolution was drafted before the Commission (at least 3 members) saw it on the dais…A little exchange between board member Malkoon and the Town Manager caught the Manager yet again in a less than truthful response…She said she did not receive the whole package in time to give it to the dais…Mr. Malkoon was informed she had…a few after meeting exchanges with Bel Air board members who saw the online meeting…and the VP of the board countered the Manager with the “fact” he delivered it to her himself…The Manager, true to form took offense…and went on the defense..full throttle…she sent e-mails to counter the claim…leaving out the most important point…She then sent out a mailing to all the residents of Bel Air to let them in on the boards decision …something NOT done for the entryways…Now here’s where it gets fun…

We hear a woman from Bel Air, after receiving the Town’s letter contacted the Town…Asst. TM Olinzock…He returned her call and when she told him of her desire to not have the signs…her opinion of the board, and those Commission members who live in Bel Air and voted on them…The Asst. TM informed her that it was NOT a “done deal”…that the Town would rather “spend the money elsewhere” and advised her to go around with a petition…because if only a “handful” of people are against it, the Commission might change their mind!….Can you imagine…the Asst. TM went behind the backs of Comm. Clottey and VM McIntee …If it was he on the other end of the phone!…YIKES!… A petition did arrive at this Commission meeting …from a woman in Bel Air…perhaps it was she who heeded the words of the Town Administrator?…The Comm. did indeed take a step back…A survey will be done…and the outcome …will be known next month on where the monies will be spent!….

ACT VII…New Business..No need to “oversee” the FMIT ….(municipal insurance)….and Choice Garbage went the way of BSO…per the Administration…blame the company…threaten the Town that another RFP will be needed if we change the code…Shades of threats made in the past…so the remedy…..a 1 cubic yard dumpster for about 20 accounts…BUT those dumpsters require an enclosure and that requires permits…and that requires a process…and that could include some variances….and that brings the Town more fees…..CHA CHING!… Way back when …when I sat in the very first garbage pre-meeting…I warned the Asst. TM of the problems…big time problems from having the garbage can per dwelling…STOP IT NOW!…Change it to “need”……Choice isn’t going to fight it, unless they drastically changed from their pre- contract stance…It’s the Town Manager digging her heels in!…And the “lame excuse” of working on getting together with Choice, staff and Town Atty…sounds like the VFD and fireboat training……. Don’t ya hate it when you’ve seen this show before!…Resolutions ….out came the hoops…JUMP…JUMP…all you businesses…come and jump through the hoops…The Manager and the Commission are offering a “door prize” …Are you one of the lucky ones…to be allowed a bench…a chair…a table…to encroach on public property…it’s anybody’s guess…and it’s an election year!…

RFPs…what’s an RFP and what’s a bid?…”Truth or Dare”…… We again endured the inept responses from Commissioners (especially Clottey)…who were ill-prepared and ill advised as she asked the  Town Clerk to come to the podium to read a declaration that was not even close to the reality of what transpires in opening the bids in this town…This was more Town Manager led payback….( the recurring theme throughout this evening’s show)…  Comm. Dodd made a motion to change the purchasing manual…(our law per the Town Manager/Town Atty.)….Commissioners Clottey misrepresented the data provided in the backup……the Mayor read the backup showing the “facts”…and the Gang of 3” fell all over themselves to affirm the nonsense they’ve been fed…Comm. Dodd repeated his motion…
“We change the processing manual to read – My first motion – change the purchasing manual section 4 (a) to now read – All timely received bids shall be publicly opened, read aloud to include the name of the bidder, the town, the bid number and the bid value. Contractors present at the bid opening have the right to visually inspect the lowest bid if requested. The staff will announce that the bids have not been evaluated for mathematical errors and responsiveness.”…

The “Gang” again insisted it already said that…and then they finally voted yes to the change…thinking it was no change at all!….


Page 19. 4a.- “All timely-received bids shall be publicly opened in the presence of witnesses at the place and time designated in the RFP.”

and NOW…

4a-“All timely received bids shall be publicly opened, read aloud to include the name of the bidder, the town, the bid number and the bid value. Contractors present at the bid opening have the right to visually inspect the lowest bid if requested. The staff will announce that the bids have not been evaluated for mathematical errors and responsiveness.”

BC- On September 30, 2009 the Public Safety Complex bids are to be received…but the Manager changed the advertisement on that one and now we will see if the Town will honor the Commissions vote and the purchasing manual…..

The discussion and/or action to return the right to make a motion to the Mayor …This writer went to the podium and expressed my regret and offered a heartfelt apology to the Mayor for being an active participant in the plan to make her her new position as uncomfortable as possible courtesy of the Mc-Furth Gang and the CIC…(prev. post)…She graciously accepted my apology……and for that I am most appreciative…I seized this opportunity to set the record straight!…The Vice Mayor tried to revert back to actions that brought this past “kool-aid” drinker to think such acts were acceptable…distorting the truth…. calling “them” and “they”  mean..nasty and evil!… I implored all voters to make a PRR for old videos from 2006-2007 anything not online…(look online at the videos,at the minutes as well & Google)…and see that compared to the Vice Mayor led actions to disrupt the past Commission/Administration…what is happening in the present…is NOTHING!….GET IT STRAIGHT!… As I left Commissioner Silverstone remarked the difference is back then it was for the truth…I yelled from my seat..”LIAR”..and got a warning…and responded “it was worth it!…It was!… The “Gang of 3” fell on their collective CIC-Mc-Furth sword and said it was done this way for Roberts Rules…BUT the Town Atty. informed them we “never adopted Roberts Rules!”.. Figures!….

After all their nonsense ….all totally predictable …Comm. Dodd tried to make a motion…the Mayor thanked him but said it was not necessary… and perhaps, she was right……for after all…… in the world of Vaudeville…there are always the show stoppers……the ONE act that really fills the room…the one that leaves them all “beggin” for more….and for this TOWN show…it’s “The Vice Mayor and the gavel”…… Slapstick at it’s best… at 3hrs and 50…

Let’s go on with the show….

more to come……….

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Here’s The Scoop …. Just Another Day At The Pavilion…

September 23, 2009 by Barbara



September 23, 2009…in the morning…

The Commission Meeting posts are coming …..getting ready to pull the curtain back on this “Minstrel Show”!….

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. 9/22/09 LBTS Commission Meeting Tonight! …7 pm…

September 22, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…Tonight’s meeting will start at 7 pm…no 5:30 pm Round Table  Performance Review of the Town Manager…no public comments on the Town Manager’s performance…Why?…No motion was made from the dais… The Town Manager Performance Review will now be?????……….

We hear some “funny” phone calls have come from within the Town today…. So divisive and subversive …….It’s enough to make Elvis sing the blues!…

Commission meeting on Comcast Ch. 78/ online …

more to come….

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Here’s The Scoop …. They’re Off To The Races …..

September 22, 2009 by Barbara



Looks like “THE” group in town is growing by leaps and bounds with the growing concerns of the voters in town after witnessing the ongoing bad acts and decisions made by the current majority on the Commission…the Town Manager and the “Gang!…

Last night 75 people tuned out to hear 3 residents express their interest in running for Town Commissioner in 2010!…

The prospective candidates spoke of their backgrounds, their reasons for stepping up and their vision for the Town ….

They answered plenty of questions from an enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowd….

One thing’s for sure…Unite Our Town…and the whole Town (north and south)…are off to the races!…

LBTS ….we have ourselves a campaign season….

We have ourselves a real opportunity to get our Town back …

And this writer has a chance to rectify what I helped make possible (with my deepest regret) with the 2008 election win for Mc-Furth Gang!…

UOT will be getting the word out throughout out Town before their next meeting for all of those concerned citizens who keep contacting me wanting to actively join them in their effort to get us back on track!…

more to come….

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September 21, 2009 by Barbara


Dear Readers…Vice Mayor McIntee and the Town Administration are just like the energizer bunny…they keep going and going and going…First they make resident Yann Brandt wait well beyond the state statute regarding “a reasonable amount of time” for producing requested materials from June to September for his Public Records Request (PRR) for the Vice Mayor’s e-mails…Then the Vice Mayor makes a PRR as Vice Mayor via the Town Manager via the Town Clerk  for 3 months of emails from his “opposing” Commissioners (Mayor Minnet/Comm Dodd) for their personal computer “town business related e-mails” to retaliate and be vindictive all the while knowing that he deleted his own “Town business related” e-mails from his own personal computer …all 3 1/2 years worth!……And then in his Commissioner Comments he does his “my AOL ate my e-mail” tale showing absolutely no remorse for his actions…NAH, not him!…He’s chomping at the bit and rubbing his hands together in anticipation for HIS coveted PRR e-mails……Arrogantly  contacting the Florida State’s Atty. to ensure he gets what he, himself did not turn over!….And when you think there is nothing more he can do…..he does!..Vice Mayor McIntee and this Colon- led Town administration are indeed continuing to act badly……Last week, the Town Clerk advised Mr Brandt that she, the Town Clerk will no longer take his PRR for e-mails from the Vice Mayor, informing him the requests are to go to the Vice Mayor directly, contrary to the Florida state public records laws…And now they have changed the Town website contact category…….stating  “Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee  No e-mail is available”!!!!…(personal or Town!)….The ONLY Town official or employee to not have an e-mail address!!!!!…. WOW!…….

We hear the deletions of his e-mails constitute a “WILLFUL FAILURE”…. punishable with up to 1 year in jail and up to $1000 per the LBTS Town Attorneys. The State Attorney and other top officials are now in receipt of the PRRs from Yann Brandt…including the Vice Mayor’s admission that he deleted 3 1/2 years of “Town business related” e-mails….

For the overwhelming voters in town who have their heads in the upright position….we will be watching and waiting to see if the State of Florida will follow through on the Vice Mayor’s bad deeds or once again choose to slap him on the hand as we witnessed with the Florida Elections Commission and Florida Ethics Commission over the past 3 1/2 years when they found a number of “probable cause” charges…and gave him and his BFF Commissioner Silverstone a pass…This time there simply can be no 3rd “slap of the wrist” and  no 3rd “go forth and don’t do it again! …This time elected LBTS official Jerry McIntee must be held accountable for “willful failure” in HIS mass deletion of HIS  public records!….




Under Florida law, e-mail addresses and e-mail correspondence sent to Town officials or Town staff are considered public records and will be released in response to a public records request. Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your
e-mail address and correspondence released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to the Town. Thank you.

Mayor Roseann Minnet
Tel: 954-326-0594
[email protected]


Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee
Tel: 954-943-8539
No e-mail is available.


Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey
Tel: 954-895-6595
[email protected]

Commissioner Stuard Dodd
Tel: 954-772-4121
[email protected]

Commissioner Jim Silvertone
Tel: 954-771-0355
[email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


[email protected]
[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


954-491-3920 / NON-EMERGENCY
[email protected]

954-772-8978 / NON-EMERGENCY
[email protected]

954-776-3300 / NON-EMERGENCY
[email protected]

954-732-9846 / NON-EMERGENCY
[email protected]

more to come……….

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