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Here’s The Scoop…”A Great Time Was Had By All”…2009 Chamber Of Commerce …Taste Of The Beach…

February 25, 2009 by Barbara


With 450 tickets sold…and a line waiting outside the tent forty five minutes before the official 6 pm start time……the LBTS Chamber Of Commerce “Taste Of The Beach” uncorked the LBTS event of the year!…

The happy attendees were matched in enthusiasm by the eager to please 2009 participants…Abru Caffe’….Aruba Beach cafe’….Big Dog Saloon….Blue Moon Fish Co…..Bubba Gump Shrimp Co…..Buca Di Peppo….Cafe’ Seville…Casablanca Cafe’….Cero At The Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale….Charley’s Crab….Chef’s Pallette ( The Art Institute Culinary School)….Christina’s Cafe’….Delacaseas Cafe’ & Catering….Diner By The Sea….Edible Arrangements….Fragoli Ambassador Italian Liqueur….Ft. Lauderdale Ale House….Galanga Thai Kitchen & Sushi Bar…Il Lugano Luxury Suite Hotel De Campo Osteria By Todd Engli….Kilwins of Lauderdale By The Sea….Lenore Nolan- Ryan’s Cooking School And Catering….Mrs. Petik’s Premium Pies….Old City Newstand….Republic National Distributing Co…..Shooter’s ….Sublime….Sug-Are-By- Ruthy…..Taverna Opa….The Dockside Galley Grille….The Fish Peddler East….The Jib Room….The Pampered Chef….The Wine Celler/Checker Old Munchen….Village Grille….

The music played…as the people strolled …and looked to be in heaven…with each “taste” they took of the endless array of specialties awaiting them in every possible direction under the great white tent…….The weather was as good as it gets….and politics…well there were no politics…that was way far away….across A1A….For this night was a night that reminded so many…what makes LBTS such a special place to be in…as a resident….a visitor….or a business….This is what it’s all about…

Channel 4 came to telecast live…adding to the excitement…and if that wasn’t enough…their were auctions….Chinese auction items ranging from Chamber member’s restaurants and businesses…with coveted items…for silent auction…including a  ride on the Good year Blimp…and a Hotel stay…..

This years event was long on talent with the Taste of the Beach Committee…Chairperson Guy Contrada…Judy Swaggerty….Lucke Ricciuti….Dave Gadsby….Bill Davis….Deborah Keshigian….Cindy Geesey….Ron Piersante….along with many others volunteers…

And at the end of the evening…. all who came should also know that the money raised through the proceeds of this remarkable evening went toward a scholarship for a student enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale….

Mark your calendars…for the next year’s date is already set…February 24,2010….

more to come….

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Places To Go…… TONIGHT….Taste Of The Beach

February 24, 2009 by Barbara


February 24    6pm – 9pm
El Prado & El Mar
Bid on a ride in the GOODYEAR BLIMP!
See CBS 4 News’ Chief Meteorologist
Broadcasting the Weather Live 5 – 6:30pm

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Here’s The Scoop…LBTS Pre- Proposal Conference For Waste, Bulk Waste and Recycling Services….Including…. ALERT FOR DUPLEXES….FOURPLEXES…..CODE/ FEE CHANGE….

February 24, 2009 by Barbara

Tuesday Feb 24,2009…Non- Manadatory Pre- Proposal Conference….10 am-Jarvis Hall…

(previous public notices RFP-below)



RFP 09-02-01


specifications may be obtained at a cost of $10 from the office of the Clerk Town Hall

A NON-MANDATORY PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE will be held at Jarvis Hall at 10 am on 2/24/09…Proposal shall be received on or before 2 pm 3/10/09 where shortly thereafter proposal will be opened and read aloud. 1 original and 5 copies must be submitted in sealed packaging and all clearly marked on all outer package  and/ or envelope “Sealed Proposal RFP #09-02-01 Solid Waste , Bulk Waste and Recycling Collection Services. Late proposals not to be considered.

RFP includes the following-

Section 1-Background information/Sec. 2- General instructions/Sec. 3- Terms & Conditions/ Sec. 4- Qualification Package Forms/ Sec. 5-Cost Package Forms/ Sec. 6-Agreement

The Town of LBTS reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive any and all informalities, and to accept or reject all or any part of ant proposal as they deem to be in best interest of the citizens of LBTS or the Town of LBTS may reject proposal and re-advertise. June White, Town Clerk

The meeting was a little late in starting…due to the hall being locked…and the staff unaware of the meeting itself…although it was published in the Sentinel…

After a visit to Town Hall for a second time…Asst. John Olinzock arrived around 10:15 offering up reasons for his tardiness…being noticeably “under the weather” and already behind in a very busy day that includes “Taste of the Beach.”…

Arriving to the conference were three companies…Waste management -our current provider represented by Tony Spadaccia, Government Affairs and an attorney…John F. Ferguson of Choice Waste…and Republic Services attendee, Damon Stinson,Director of Municipal Affairs

Choice e-mail: [email protected]

It was most unfortunate to watch how the Town was represented in this conference with many issues coming up in need of clarification above the Asst. Manager’s pay grade and issues about the requirements themselves being vague…. out of date…. or just plain wrong….


The one that really caught this writer’s attention is the one that will certainly raise the ire of multi-family unit owners….

The present LBTS TOWN CODE…..


Sec. 10-27.  Required.

The Town has granted a franchise fee for solid waste collection. All property owners in the Town shall dispose of solid waste by service through the Town’s franchisee except as otherwise allowed by law, and shall be required to show proof of same prior to the issuance of an business tax receipt by the Town or the issuance of any other permit or approval; or such proof may be required to be shown to any Town employee upon request by such Town employee.
Every property owner, lessee or tenant shall provide and maintain in good condition a watertight garbage container sufficient in size and capacity to serve each dwelling with twice-weekly service. No container may be used other than a container approved by and/or obtained from the Town’s authorized solid waste collection franchisee. Residents of duplex units may share a common container provided it is of sufficient size to accommodate the joint usage without spillover.
It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to place or cause to be placed solid waste on the property of another for the purpose of avoiding the provisions of this subchapter.
(Ord. No. 386, § 1, 3-25-97; Ord. No. 462, § 2, 1-23-01; Ord. No. 2007-06, § 2, 4-10-07)
The present code states….Every property owner, lessee or tenant shall provide and maintain in good condition a watertight garbage container sufficient in size and capacity to serve each dwelling with twice-weekly service.
The RFP contains….EACH unit will have a cart and recycling bins or cart…
When this writer inquired …Waste Management said currently a premium is paid and one cart could be used for more than one unit….under the new rules that will no longer suffice…one unit…one cart a 96 gallon cart plus recycle …
John Olinzock said the new code (not yet presented or approved by this Commission)…each residence has to have a trash account….
Also coming any multi-family over 3 units must use a recycling cart rather than bins….
If this is as it was presented by John Olinzock at this meeting…a plan to be enacted by this Commission in a new code….I would expect a visit from Rosa the “Tomato Lady” and Frank Herrman at the podium….
Other items discussed …
The language used …when deciphering the CPI and franchise fees…causing a perplexed Asst. Town Manager to say there was a need for clarification…
A law provision causing an inequity to the vendor to increase rates due to unusual circumstances such as DEP charge cost increase…asking if the Town is going to consider that…Asst.Town  Manager will need to go back for clarification…
The size of the performance bond being disproportionate…a million dollars was inadequate for the size of this contract…
Bulk pickup is stated to be unlimited in collection times for a single family home…not clear enough …later on it was stated the same for duplexes to have unlimited recycling as well…John Olinzock responded the Commission “is directing us to encourage recycling.”….Hauler  is required to provide the bins…to all with Town Logo as seen in other communities……also to be discussed further as we may see a change coming in the next year to “single stream” recycling that means all can be put in the same cart…making the bins obsolete…making it an unnecessary cost to the vendor…Olinzock spoke of the Commission not liking “ads” (meaning name of company on bins)..and related a story…that he once had an opportunity” to get free bus shelters on A1A but it died because it had ads on it”…and that he’s “trying to please a lot of people …keep people happy”…But he will make mention of the possible change that could come…
Discussion took place on dual recycling (bins-separated items) VS “single stream” recycling and the InterLocal Agency requirements…we are under right now…any change would take effect after 10/09 with an educational requirement to be followed first…also it was stated the County may be asked to cover the costs of the recycling carts….
BC- it is said by one reader that the current recycling trucks are not outfitted for recycling carts?….HMMM….
Confusion on no distinction in what is residential…single family/rentals that require occupational licenses/ condos…this too will need clarification …
Waste Management informed Asst. Town Manager Olinzock that the stated weight allowed in the required 96 gallon cart was incorrect…they hold 200 lbs., not 50….Olinzock countered he “surveyed” other communities for that weight…the vendors said that would be for bags and pails…(cans)…
Also no refrigerators or air conditioners and such will be picked up without meeting the certification  required that they are CFC free..

CFC – a fluorocarbon with chlorine; formerly used as a refrigerant and as a propellant in aerosol cans; “the chlorine in CFCs causes depletion of atmospheric ozone”

HCFC, hydrochlorofluorocarbon – a fluorocarbon that is replacing chlorofluorocarbon as a refrigerant and propellant in aerosol cans; considered to be somewhat less destructive to the atmosphere
pollutant – waste matter that contaminates the water or air or soil
fluorocarbon – a halocarbon in which some hydrogen atoms have been replaced by fluorine; used in refrigerators and aerosols
Freon – any one or more chlorofluorocarbons (or related compounds) that are used as an aerosol propellant, organic solvent, or refrigerant
greenhouse emission, greenhouse gas – a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation
this certification can only be done by a cerified individual who provides a certification sticker…otherwise the hauler would face a stiff penalty…this will either be reworded or theser items will be no longer allowed for hauling off….The Town Attorney will be taking a look at the inclusion of the guarentee asked from the parent company…being insufficient in the language and in need of another form….
Yard waste needed to be dealt with requiring the size…and weight…(it was a typo with one part) and what will be allowed now is 3 ft. in length in the cart…and for bulk 6” in diameter and 6 ft long…50 lbs.
Now …while the multi-family homes will be required to have 1- 96 gal. cart for each unit…a single family home may NOT have more than 1- cart even when wanting to pay for it…
BC- this homeowner had 2 at one time about 5 years ago…Waste Management said that would no longer be allowed…
More clean-up (pun intended) in the language with the section on the hauler having to replace any cart that is damaged…with no reference to who caused the damage…it will be revised to make it the responsibility of the vendor if caused by them…while the cost will be the resident’s if it is found they are at fault …as they are the “custodians” of the carts….
The section allowing for sideyard collection will be wiped away…remaining will be a section for handicapped exceptions…
Also contained in the RFP was recycling required for commercial properties…OOPS!…not so fast aTown Ordinance will be required as done in Lee County…
What can’t be done by the Town with an Ordinance…they cannot decide who will be the business’ recycling company…per state statute…no such choice for residential owners…
Another point that was made by Waste Management…the insurance being asked for by the hauler to cover sub-contractors in emergency situations such as after a hurricane…no sub-contractors have that amount of insurance and while the hauler can help find the companies that do the after storm debris pickups…it is the Town that deals with the sub-contractors and FEMA…the hauler only provides the the quantities and volumes…as has been the case in the past…LBTS uses Crowder Gulf for these services….
John Olinzock said the Town was trying to build a “relationship” with the hauler to deal with this type of situation…will need alternative language or be removed from the contract…also will require lowering the insurance required …
The current RFP allows only those companies that have at least 5 years of experience with carts in declared municipalities to submit a bid…leaving any “newbie” out in the cold…which can be looked at either as guaranteeing only certain big companies need apply…thus  ensuring we allow for only experienced companies…no startup hassles or it ties us down and thwarts any company with less than 5 years under their belt….John said this one may or may not need clarification…..
Temporary discontinuance of service only applies to single family homes….
Another question needing further input …the delinquency rate charges …not contained in the paperwork…
Joh Olinzock said  the Town wants multi-family dwellings to go in the direction of carts rather than dumpsters…
Special collection fees were outdated…using rates from approximately 10 years ago…leaving the vendor no way to increase these charges for the 5 year contract…theses deal with special service charges to commercial properties…dealing with locks…gates etc…Waste Management said it wasn’t a big deal after all …although Choice said it makes for inequitability to those without special services needs in the uniformed costs…being that would be where the difference would come from….
Waste Management asked for their “guys” to get Thanksgiving off…believe it or not…it’s up to the Commission to decide…right now…they only get Christmas off…that should be a big “passes 5-0”!
After going over the points requiring clarification…additions…and deletions…for a formal addendum…..John Olinzock outlined the “significant dates”…in this process…
3/10/09- Bids in and opened oat 2 pm…Jarvis Hall
3/13/09-Town Administration scoring criteria
3/25/09- Negotiating the agreement begins
4/14/09 Approval executed by Town Commission
more to come….
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Here’s The Scoop…Town Of Lauderdale- By- The- Sea El Mar Project Design Competition…

February 24, 2009 by Barbara


The Master Plan Steering Committee met today Feb.23,2009 to have a meet and greet …pow-wow…to get the students on board with the future of El Mar Drive….

The group met at Aruba Beach Cafe’ for a luncheon at noon….followed by a walking tour of El Mar…then heading over to Jarvis Hall for their project pamphlet…some direction and some Q & A…for this major design independent class project that will be done in overdrive mode….this being week 7 of their 11 week program….

Not to worry …their Industrial Design Instructor Win Menish says they can accomplish it…even with the abbreviated time factor facing them…and after seeing this group of twenty students enter the Hall at 2:15 pm… this diverse class of students hailing from other countries…Columbia….Haiti….Dominican Republic…Honduras…Russia…Venezuela …Guatemala…Ecuador…along with those from Miami…Sarasota..Chicago…. Michigan…Washington D. C…..Pennsylvania…and Delaware…and a few more…this writer didn’t quite catch as they went around the room…they’re up to the task…

The imagination that can flow from these young minds….will make this a competition worth watching…..

Here’s what they found when they opened their booklets…

A list of the members of the Master Plan Steering Committee…. the Town Commission….and Town Administration…followed by some specifics…

I Project Description


The Town of Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida is sponsoring a Design Competition to identify the best concept for the Town’s El Mar Project.

The Town’s Master Plan Steering Committee (MPSC) will function as the Town Commission’s review and screening body. The MPSC will recommend five designs for the Town Commission’s consideration. The Town Commission will select its preferred design.


The Town of Lauderdale By The Sea is a seaside community located between the Intercoastal Waterway and Atlantic Ocean., and between the cities of Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach. The Town is primarily a residential community with 6,300 permanent residents and up to 11,000 seasonal residents. The heart of the Town’s business district extends along Commercial Boulevard with short extensions north and south along State road A1A and El Mar Drive. The Town has been officially recognized as the “Shore Diving Capital of the World” and is very interested in promoting the enjoyment of the beach and ocean to its residents and visitors. The Town recently completed the construction of the Portals to the Sea project, which provided beach access, seating , shade shelters and landscaping at five beach access locations along El Mar Drive.

The Town is now desirous to beautify El Mar Drive and make it pedestrian friendly. El Mar Drive is the “Flagship” and the “Heart” of this village. It is an area of high visibility and activity (Walkers, Joggers, Tourists and etc.) all doing their thing. It is our intention to make this boulevard more aesthetically pleasing, more functional and an area which will serve the residents and visitors of the Town for many years to come.

The El Mar Drive Project should contain the following components:

Shade & Shelter

Seating area(s)

Landscaping and irrigation

Gazebo’s & Resting areas

Pet Friendly

Turtle friendly lighting

Low-level lighting

Handicap considerations

Each median should have its own personality and should not conform to each other

The project will be from Pine Ave. to Palm Ave.

BC- this is the area that is designated in the development order for the use of the Oriana million…for beautification…

II Selection Process

From the submittal response to the Competition, a Selection Committee (MPSC) will objectively evaluate the submittals and recommend five (5) responses for consideration by the Town Commission. Each of the five (5) chosen individuals will have an opportunity to make an oral presentation to the Town Commission. The individuals will have equal time to present and time will be allowed for questions and answers after the presentation. The Town Commission will select the top three ranked designs for the implementation. A cash prize of $500.00 will be presented to the winner, $300.00 to second place and $200.00 to the third place winner.

III General Instructions

A. The Design Competition involves a preliminary submission, a final design submission, and if recommended by the MPSC, a presentation to the Town Commission. The schedule for the competition is provided.

B. One original and an electronic copy ( either jpeg,pdf format or other readable format) of the response must be included.

C. The format for the preliminary submittal should be drawings, sketches or concepts no larger than 11″ by 17″ in size.

D. The format for the final submission should be drawings, Elevations, renderings on sheets no larger than 24″ by 36″ in size.

E. All drawings, sketches and concepts must contain the name of the Individual submitting the project.

F. Submission of the Individual Drawings,Sketches and Concepts should be made to demonstrate the proposed design, highlight major features and demonstrate compatibility with the surrounding area.

G. The MPSC will schedule a meeting to receive Preliminary Submissions including a brief presentation on the merits and Features of the concept.

H. The MPSC will schedule a meeting to receive the Final Submission and hear a presentation on the Design Concept.

I. The MPSC will select the Five (5) Design Proposals which best Represent the goals and objectives of the Town. The Five (5) Selected Designs will be presented to the Town Commission for evaluation. The Town Commission will select the Design Winners.

J. The Winning Design will be recognized in some fashion (by plaque or etc.) somewhere in the project.

IV Terms And Conditions

A. The Town of Lauderdale By The Sea reserves the right to accept or reject any design proposal in the best interest of the Town.

B. The Town is not liable for any costs incurred by the submitter.

C. Submitted material becomes the property of the Town.

V. Competition Schedule…

BC- the schedule listed was “scratched” due to the time constraints left in the school’s semester…The MPSC will meet the student next Monday at their school to see their plans and a presentation in front of the Commission with the 5 top designs will be March 23,2009….

Footnote: The El Mar Project will take a considerable amount of time to complete. It will be divided into the following phases:

1. Landscaping

2. Lighting

3. Pedestrian Promenade (Sidewalks & Pathways)

4. Proper Drainage

The first two phases (Landscaping  & Lighting) are what we are trying to address in this present project. Some consideration should be given to the last two phases also to achieve the over-all desired result.

P.S. We wish you all “Good Luck” in your endeavor

A last page of 4 photographs were included …the length of El Mar Drive…the medians at each end of El Mar…(Palm Ave & Pine Ave.) and a median in front of Minto…all taken by MPSC member and Town Photographer Marc Furth.

At the meeting Vice Chair Sandra Booth reiterated what was in the project material above…adding a few antidotes about El Mar Drive…such as mornings on El Mar Drive are “almost like magic” with an influx of activity from 5:30-8:30 in the morning…bringing people of all ages walking, running…professional bike clubs…baby buggy runners…and even those who drive from Coral Springs just to walk this road….

Paul Novak, Chair spoke of the beautification…the need for plants that will survive the elements…of sand …salt and wind…and the prize money…

With no members of the MPSC…( MPSC members Marilyn Carr and Maryann Wardlaw were present along with Marc Furth in the audience).. having anything to add Cristie Furth took to the podium to relate her 38 year connection with El Mar Drive…meeting her husband…and owning a “mom & pop” hotel….going off topic to describe the heights in town now being only 33 feet…and telling the students that LBTS is  one of only three cities in the state with height restrictions…Not done yet…she said airline pilots and boat captains know LBTS being low rise between the high rises allowed to the north and the south of us……

She further went on to describe the charm of the town…the “old Florida style community” and the 8 foot pink  sidewalks…and further speaking about the “prickly medians” in front of Minto…and the evening use she envisioned for restaurant visitors strolling down El Mar…referring to the medians as “linear parks” ( a phrase used at the MPSC meetings) ..

Later Ms. Furth stood up again to inform them of the “tropical tourist” feel of the town,…wanting the students to be compatible with it in their designs……and then wanting the students to extend the project to include all of El Mar….not just the medians…

BC- The time spent by Ms. Furth reminded quite a few of the input of former Mayor Parker at the pavilion project competition meeting 2 years ago……which caused quite an uproar resulting in calls made to the school to disregard any direction given…HMMM………

The Chair and the Vice Chair stepped forward to explain the time frame…the designated funds and the phases for the project all included in the pamphlet and fully discussed beforehand at the MPSC meetings attended and covered by Ms. Furth in her Editor of the Mc-Furth BTSTimes capacity…

Questions were asked by the students concerning accessibility to power….a possibility of a ” fenced in doggy park”…if medians could be divided up….all answered in the affirmative to offer up….with Sandra Booth explaining they would be making “history”…

Instructor Win Menish came forward to discuss the criteria required to make for having  a common denominator….providing continuity…and enabling the committee to compare all the projects  on an even playing field…with uniformity in size and scale of the first presentation to take place on Mon. Mar. 2nd at the school…

After much discussion it was decided that 24″ x 36” boards would be used with a scale of 1/4 inch…using a median 25 feet wide by 100 feet in length…which can be made larger or smaller at a later point in time…After this was decided and agreed upon the students will then be free to “WOW” us with gazebos and whatever else they come up with….

The students were all wished well….and seemed excited and raring to go…as they congregated outside the hall…in no hurry to leave our town…

more to come……..

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Here’s The Scoop…Living On $40+ A Day…In LBTS…

February 23, 2009 by Barbara



Not too shabby….since Chief Perkins & Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief McIntee  have decided to reinterpret that the contract with the Town …..

Article 7- Standards Of Service…

7.2 ‘A command vehicle, transporting the Fire Chief, the Deputy Chief, or a Battalion Chief shall respond within seven (7) minutes to a minimum of 90% of ‘all emergency 911 calls’ in each month.

Putting the “spin” on it to now mean…’all emergency 911 calls’…(except overnight…and BSO police 911 emergency  calls)….and go on every EMS call (excluding overnight and BSO police 911 emergency calls)…..

BC- at odds with the pre-VFD “spin” of the “beauty of AMR” 3 on an ambulance ….No need for a firetruck…to make up for the 3rd EMS personnel…

Each VFD trainee/FF 1 & 2  who shows up at the the station within 20 minutes of these medical calls gets $10 per call….  go on the call….or not….

So lately you figure a VFD member can make an average of $40 a day…plus the drill incentive pay…and the cookouts…the Vigilante pizza runs…along with the added McIntee motioned bonus (previous post-VFD category 9/08 minutes…) a cool $1000 for taking the FF1 exam…not passing…just taking it….


Number of FF on medical calls-1/1/09-1/31/09-



ladder-18 FF/live burn flash over-15 FF/pre-plan ladder-8 FF/medical crossover with AMR-25 FF/ladders-21 FF/ladders- 23 FF/Minto pre-planning building construction-24 FF/LDH deployment speedlays distributor training-23 FF

Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief McIntee announced at the 2/10/09 Commission meeting 11 VFD trainees took the FF 1 exam…for certification…A VFD $11,000.00…payout…and what were the number of trainees that passed?….

Not a bad……

New game in Town…when does the VFD run out of money?….

It’s time……for the VFD what it was supposed to be…a well run organization ….There for the community when needed….and standing back when it is not…

more to come….

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Update….Not So Fast….The Rest Of The Story…The “Peril” Was The Story….

February 23, 2009 by Barbara


The Rest of the story….from the “2 Mayors ride to see Gov. Crist” at Galt mile……..(2/19/09 posted after the report online/in the Sentinel)….was not correct…seems the  Sea Ranch Lakes Police Chief came to see an old pal…Gov. Crist…and offered a ride…

This was no drop off and run…he stayed at the event………

So seems the the “peril” for Mayor Minnet…. this time …the Sentinel and the post….that followed the story…

Hope this clarifies the situation for the readers…as it did for this writer….

Thanks for the “rest of the story”…faithful reader….and thanks  Mayor Minnet… for the corroboration…..

more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop…Words From The Past……April 24,2007….

February 23, 2009 by Barbara


April 24,2007….

Here’s the lead up…Town Manager Bob Baldwin was away …”helping out Lake Worth” …as his contract allowed him to do…and Finance Director /Acting Town Manager Esther Colon was doing the job…and being “courted” big time by many to replace him….a process that “ratcheted” up with whispers swirling around that the “Old Guard” had someone in mind from the north end…and was busy playing with the required qualifications to be the Town Manager to help this person slide into the position….

On the agenda this night Discussion and/or action regarding how to proceed further on the issue of Town Manager Baldwin’s resignation (Mayor Parker -tabled from 4/10/07)

‘Mayor Parker stated that Baldwin knows that the Commission has accepted his resignation in 90 days and Mr. Baldwin indicated he did not intend to withdraw the resignation. Mayor Parker indicated that he doesn’t think they should wait 90 days hoping Mr. Baldwin will change his mind. He further stated that the Town needed to take some steps to figure out what its going to do.’

‘Commissioner McIntee motioned to have Esther Colon be appointed Town Manager and request the car be returned immediately. He stated that Town workers have a right to know who their boss is.’

‘ Discussion followed regarding keeping Acting Town Manager Colon until they could ( have a ) workshop and work towards hiring a permanent Town Manager.’

‘Commissioner Clark asked if Acting Town Manager Colon was agreeable to this.’

BC- the word at the up to this time was…Ms Colon wanted to retire soon and was not interested in the Manager position… much for rumors….

‘ Acting Town Manager Colon stated she was tired of playing second fiddle to everyone. She said either she’s the Town Manager or she’s going back to Finance.’

BC- Guess we got a “little preview” of the new Manager’s style…with this opening salvo…

‘Mayor Parker asked if Acting Manager Colon was willing to take the job permanently.’

‘Acting Town Manager Colon stated that she was willing to take the position with the same contract that Robert Baldwin had with the exception that she will not work on a day to day basis.’

BC- What was Baldwin’s contract?…The exception  she referenced about “day to day”?…No follow- up…What were we all (not) thinking?….

‘ Mayor Parker moved, seconded by Commissioner Clark, to appoint Esther Colon as Town Manager with the same contract as Robert Baldwin with the one exception.’

‘ Vice Mayor Yanni asked if the Town would need a new Finance Director.’

‘ Acting Town Manager Colon stated that for 11 weeks she has been doing five jobs, and the only thing she is asking of the Commission is that they hire professional people in Town.She said it may take longer, but she’s rather have a decent staff that can work together towards.’

BC- So what happened?…Why has the Town Manager not followed her own declaration…. made at this meeting and placed ads in the proper publications for the professionals she asked the Commission for?…She has continued to do the five jobs…and elevated personnel unable to head the departments…(previously posted)…

‘Commissioner McIntee asked to withdraw his previous for acting, and wanted to amend it to permanent Town Manager.’

‘ Mayor Parker stated he already made the motion.’

‘ Commissioner McIntee stated that his own motion was before Mayor Parker’s.’

‘ Attorney Cherof indicated that there is no such position as permanent Town Manager, only Town Manager.’

Maayor Parker asked Attorney Cherof whose motion counted.’

‘ Attorney Cherof indicated that the Chair decides what came first or second.’

‘Discussion followed.’

‘ Everyone withdrew their motion.’

‘ Commissioner Silverstone motioned, seconded by Vice Mayor Yanni, to appoint Esther Colon as Town Manager starting immediately.’

‘Commissioner McIntee directed the Town Attorney to send a letter to Mr. Baldwin asking him to return the car.’

‘ Vice Mayor Yanni stated Esther Colon should get the car.’

The motion passed 5-0′

Discussion followed regarding Robert Baldwin’s resignation.’

‘ Commissioner Clark motioned, seconded by the Vice Mayor to accept Robert Baldwin’s resignation.’

The motion passed 5-0′

BC-Did it really happen this way?…The Commission voted to hire Esther Colon before they voted to accept Robert Baldwin’s resignation? I was in the hall…admittedly  I was caught up in “drinking the Mc- kool-aid”…thinking this was a great moment……This was only the beginning ..of the change to come…an upfront honest Town Manager who would bring transparency…Hire top notch personnel …..and after that……we would elect a new majority on the dais…..working together with a return of a new VFD  all beyond reproach…..WOW!…

What do I see now…that I didn’t see that night…April 24,2007….a Commission falling over themselves to install a Finance Director…without fully vetting her credentials…. her ability to be Town Manager for the long term…..and fully knowing what Robert Baldwin’s contract contained before voting 5-0….

In full disclosure…a look at meeting minutes to follow…public comments…will show this writer praising the Manager…thinking she was in process of carrying out what I had high hopes for…but unfortunately it was not to be…and today almost 2 years later…once again I look forward to making a change of Town Manager in the near future…in the correct manner for filling such an important position….

more to come……

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Here’s The Scoop…BTSFutures…A Certainty?…A Picture Says A 1000 Words….Let It All Height Out….Private Property -Political Knowledge….Local Papers…

February 22, 2009 by Barbara


Think of this as a high tech version of the classic “8 Ball” toy of the ’50s/’60s (you remember, the black plastic ball you would ask a question, shake, and peer into the portal to get answers like “without a doubt”, “signs point to yes” or “ask again later”.) By the way, the first time we used it, we thought of a friend’s pet cat. After 20 questions, the unit guessed “A Persian Cat”. So what if the cat isn’t Persian. 20Q went on to guess4 of the next 5 “tests”.’

Was Editor Geesey playing with the “Magic Question Ball” while writing her article in the 2/19/09 edition of the Futures?…

In her 12 step article Ms. Geesey wrote  Commissioner Dodd conceded he had some harsh comments concerning  the “Old Guard” …which is true…along with “drinking the Kool-aid.” But he does not have “remorse” for heading the recall of former Mayor Parker…feeling it was justified and may have led to Parker’s ultimate decision not to run again…What he does regret and has publicly acknowledged during that time…and again quite recently…. is the Town paying the legal fees of Parker’s high priced Attorney when an alternative could have been found with the Florida League of Cities providing legal counsel…because Dodd felt then and still asserts what is offered to a Commission member is “reasonable legal representation”…not the most expensive high priced attorney in the book…If that is the call of the Commissioner …let them pay the difference…Commissioner Dodd has said the word he would use about the Parker situation is not “remorse”…it is “saddened”…because the recall was political…not personal …and today after all is said and done, it would be helpful to be able to call upon his neighbor Oliver Parker, to get input on items from the past….

Ms. Geesey in finishing up her piece writes of an admission by Commissioner Clottey, that the Commissioner regretted she signed the “bogus” ethics complaint against Ms. Geesey…(pertaining to the Oriana “flip” done while Ms. Geesey was Chair of the P & Z Board)…The Florida Ethics Commission did find probable cause on 6/11/08…as they did for Comms. Silverstone/McIntee (previous scoops/VFD categories) with a finding of no probable cause on the contract to purchase…but  finding  probable cause of not reporting it on her required financial report as a P & Z member and a time frame to fix  it… … 6/27/08…previous BCbythesea…post…

‘they found no probable cause for failing to report a contract to purchase a condominium on her CE Form 1, Statement of Financial Interests filed for Calendar year 2004 /2005…

‘The Commission further finds based on recommendation of the Commission’s Advocate that there IS probable cause to believe the Respondent violated Section 112.3145, Florida statutes, by failing to timely, and accurately file a CE Form 1F, Final Statement of Financial Interests within 60 days of leaving her public position for the period between Jan, 1 of the year in which she left and her last day of holding her office.’

According to Comm. Clottey, she has said to others, including this writer, that she wished she had not signed on to the complaint, and although no probable cause was found for the “flip” itself, it still did not sit right with her, and there is little chance that any public apology will be forthcoming. Commissioner Clottey has also said she has never spoken with Ms. Geesey about the complaint….

As for the rest of the 12 steps…it was pretty familiar ground for this writer…due to much being written right here….in previous posts…the lack of following the Silverstone initiated Town Mission Statement….the bullying on the dais….the need to be be prepared with the backup material…making Town business the top priority…… the description of “Jim” becoming “Jimmy” …and the increase  in confidence and handling of the dais by Mayor Minnet…

Ms. Geesey’s “steps”…6 thru 12….are all right on the mark….But alas, Ms Geesey…. for these 6 “steps” to happen with the present dais…with the “2-Hats” occupying seats at either end…you really do need a “Magic Ball”…Because the “odds” of these 6 “steps” becoming  a “certainty”…are about the same ….


Hey what happened…no photo…with the byline…with our Governor…on the front page of every newspaper…and on Meet the Press today……Doc really should have his picture included with this timely article…guess this writer is partial…seeing the”get” the Futures received with this new addition to their publication…just a humble opinion offered…he’s worth a weekly pic….


Mark Brown has point…made in his “Leadership” editorial……If you’re going back to the “drawing board” on heights…to see if 44 feet meant…33 feet…then take the leap…town wide and see if 44 feet really meant 44 feet town wide on the coast…north and south…fair is fair…for this “laundry list” of items being prepared for the LBTS Referendum…in November…If the north is truly interested in making it so…ala the boats being kept as status quo. pre-annexation…..(previously posted scoops…LBT agenda/meetings categories)…and on the 2/24/09 Regular Commission meeting for 2nd reading…then they …the northenders… need to assemble…send the massive e-mails…make numerous calls to all Commissioners…and occupy the Jarvis Hall seats…line up for public comments…for it to really be a go…..included in the referendum for the “will of the people” ……

You have precedence for getting it on… Comm. Silverstone and VM McIntee said in their Commissioner Comments…(previous post…LBTS agenda/meeting category 2/10/09)  giving  praise to the “Tennis People”… “this is how it’s supposed to work”… this is democracy…at it’s best!…So make your calls and  send those e-mails…… see you there when you fill the have your say……and then we’ll all see if the same rules apply…on heights as they do with tennis….


Editor Brown writes the VM McIntee voted against the Palm Club sewers and now has done an about face to assist the “horizontal condo” getting the “shovel” federal dollars to get the project done….(previous posts…history in the last election-sausage series category/previous posts…recent  Mc- vote getting initiative…LBTS agenda/meetings categories)…We all know why…VOTES…but the point well made by Brown, if true…besides the fact…it is still a private property…and the Town residents…especially many of us who live in “vertical condos” are  still not willing to pay …for their sewers …how is it “shovel” ready if it was “scrapped” …”wiped off” the Town’s books?…Also quite disturbing…the response included  in the editorial that Rep. Bogdanoff and Sen Atwater will help in it”s approval…do they know…it is a private property?…

Sorry Palm Club, the facts haven’t  changed with the “looming” 2010 election drawing near…public taxpayer funds…should not be used to pay for private property improvements…and the “greater good” of  sewers over septic for the health of the town …well the fact also remains on that one…Sea Ranch Lakes…is still firmly planted in the middle of Palm Club and LBTS…using septic…OOPS!…


Make your way to both…event and Commission…2/24/09….6-9 pm El Prado Park….details previously posted…places to go category…

more to come……..

full text…link below…….
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Here’s The Scoop…2/24/09 LBTS Town Commision Agenda..Get Ready For Another “Yawner”…It’s Gonna Be Another Late Night…

February 21, 2009 by Barbara


Full text online….

4.- Presentations…

a. Presentation LBTS 2009 VFD Youth Basketball Team- Comm. Silverstone…

b. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report-Rachlin LLP…..not in the backup available at Town Hall on 2/20/09

5. Reports…

a. Finance and Budget-January 2009 -Manager Colon-will post separately…

b.-Development Services-January 2009-Asst. Olinzock-

BC- Jan/ month totals- visitors-625/information call received-806/verbal warnings-26/notices of violation-54/citations issued-2/special master cases-10/complaints investigated-23/re-inspections conducted-86/lien searches-8/zoning reviews-53/final inspections-28/business tax receipt inspections-6/public records requests-5

Notices of violation-month totals- 12-water restrictions/9 no permits/3 building maintenance/1 fence in disrepair/7-trash& debris/3-landscape debris/2 violations of approved sidewalk cafe’/4- illegally parked &stored vessels & trailers/1-illegal storage (meter room)/1-no ground cover as required/1-no irrigation as required/1- destruction of town property/1-in-operable vehicle/1- un-permitted change to parking lot/1- violation of setbacks-boatlift/1-public nuisance/1-un-approved new rack location/1-construction site maintenance/1-business tax receipt required/1 -illegal density/1-sign violation

BC- sidewalk cafe’…Vigilante McIntee on patrol…Athena…/un-approved newsrack-at the Blueseas…with the Mc-Furth Times…HMMM…still up and operating….

e.-VFD -January 2009-Chief Perkins-

This month saw the the department lose 15 members…in one month comparing the Dec-Jan. Roster…all were certified/most were FF2-12 were EMT-B/3 were Paramedics…New members-5 -all FF2-3 aew EMT-B/2 -are Paramedics…

Active Members.. Jan/Dec-


Reg.In-town- Jan/Dec-

Fire 1 non-cert.- 32/36

fire 1 cert.- 11/13

fire 2 cert.- 11/1

EMT B -6/15

Paramedic -4/4

Assoc. Out of town -Jan/Dec


fire 1 non-cert.-o

fire 1 cert.-0

fire 2 cert.-47/43

EMT- B-24/23

Paramedic 10/10



medical 69/80


Drill 8/7

Firefighter 1 class- Jan/Dec- 4/10

Beach patrol-Jan/Dec-ATV 1-43/57.5/ATV2-90/55…66.5 unpaid hours

station watch-Jan/Dec-combined members-36/37….886 hours/999 hours

Page 3 OOPS!…when adding up their members…32 +37 does not =79…try 69!…the difference in the loss of 15 members/5 new members…and somehow the percentages stayed the same?…HMMM…

Activity Report list-25 fire rescue calls- fire alarm set off contractor dust/elevator rescue-3x Hampton Beach Club/pulled false alarm station-18 FF/false alarms-10x-17 & 13 &15 &19 & 12 & 12 & 12 & 18 & 12 & 13 -FF/medical-other-7 FF/drowning/(1/12/09)-11 FF/accident w/ injuries-2x-15 &17 FF/comm structure fire-13 FF/2 yr old locked in car-17 FF/broken sprinkler canceled-16 FF/broken sprinkler flooding street-FF 12/fire alarm-no smoke-19 FF/food on stove smoke-29FF

Medical calls-medical canceled-10x-8 & 13 & 17 & 8 & 2 & 14 & 27 & 13 & 13 & 10 -FF/medical standby station- 5x/ medical standby-3x/medical assault-2x/medical trouble breathing-2x/medical seizure-2x/medical & medical other-16x/medical fish stings-2x/medical falls/injuries-4x/medical choking-1/medical suicide attempt1x/medical heart attack/chest pain-2x/medical first aid-1x/medical assist-7x…

Number of FF on medical calls-1/1/09-1/31/09-8/4/7/7/11/16/13/9/13/9/3/11/12/.13/13/12/7/16/14/27/27/5/6/17/5/13/11/12/13/8/18/15/7/2/23/14/7/27/6/10/15/15/13/13/14/13/8/6/15/14/12/13/11/8/13/5/11/13/23/16/8/10/13/13/10/8/6/10/7

Drills-ladder-18 FF/live burn flash over-15 FF/pre-plan ladder-8 FF/medical crossover with AMR-25 FF/ladders-21 FF/ladders- 23 FF/Minto pre-planning building construction-24 FF/LDH deployment speedlays distributor training-23 FF

FF1 class- FF1 review-5 FF/FF1 admin.wk- 1 FF/FF1 review-6 FF/FF1 review-9 FF/ff 1 packed up truck/prep for live burn 7 FF/11 hrs for administrative work, setting up state test, certifications, paperwork- 1FF

Beach Patrol-ranged from jellyfish stings-ATV getting stuck in the sand- descriptions of seas -weather report & scuba/surfers 2 hours total for ATV training-118 & 1/26/09…

UNIT RESPONSE TIMES Average- call count…Jan/Dec/Nov…response time Jan/Dec/Nov

Eng 12- 57/86/74….00:03:58/00:07:38/00:05:40


Squit 12–17/7/20….00:04:27/00:01:18/00:04:39

Chief 12 (Perkins)-37/36/60….00:01:48/00:03:48/00:03:55

Chief 212 (McIntee)-19/0/0 (McIntee became C212 in Jan)…00:00:53/0/0

Utility 12-6/3/2….00:03:50/00:04:04/00:03:32

Station 12-79/71/47….00:03:24/00:04:10/00:04:40

BC- according to the LBTS-VFD contract response times are from the time of dispatch to arrival on scene…

False Alarms page lists 14…..

BC- It is time to stop the excessive medical call runs…look at the amt. of FF…multiply it by the $$$…and the accident waiting to happen during the “season” heavy traffic….and it’s a no-brainer…Once again we were “sold” on a different EMS …due to 3 aboard AMR not requiring a fire truck response to supply that 3rd person….back to what we were promised…safer streets…and less sirens!……(previous post-VFD)…no need unless AMR contacts VFD…not Dispatch because McIntee wants to play!…..

BC- The latest (previous post-scoops/VFD categories)…the Mc-Perkins interpretation of the LBTS-VFD contract that says…

Article 7- Standards Of Service…

7.2 ‘A command vehicle, transporting the Fire Chief, the Deputy Chief, or a Battalion Chief shall respond within seven (7) minutes to a minimum of 90% of all emergency 911 calls in each month.’

These 2 are trying to say…the contract says of all 911 calls…well according to the Jan. medical call responses AMR/VFD- Jan-4-AMR-4 calls/VFD-2 & Jan.10-AMR-4 calls/VFD 2 calls & Jan. 12- AMR 5 calls/VFD 2 calls & Jan. 13-AMR-3 calls/VFD 1 call & Jan 17-AMR-4 calls/VFD-1 call & Jan 23- AMR 1 call/VFD -0 calls & Jan. 27- AMR-5 calls/VFD-3 calls…so the every 911 call response flies away again…along with stopping the overnight calls…per Chief Perkins…OOPS!…

f.-AMR-January 2009-Operations  Mgr. Liddle-

85 calls…overall average time 0:03:32/less than 6 minute 93%…

7. Town Manager Report-no backup-

8. Minutes approved-4 sets…

10- Ordinances 1st Reading- public comments welcome…

a-. Ordinance 2009-06-creating section 17-16 of the code of ordinances -swales-imposing responsibility/maintaining on the adjoining property/ regulating items that may be placed/planted  in swale areas…

b.- Ordinance 2009-17 creating section 5-62 of code of ordinances  and amending 19-21 of the code to prohibit use of tarps or other non-custom fit boat covers in the covering of boats…

2. Ordinances 2nd Reading-public comments welcome…

a.- Ordinance 2009-03 Ordinance amending Chapter 15 of code of ordinances to provide  a definition  of “false alarm” and amending section 15-55 code of ordinances to establish fee for excessive false alarms…

b.- Ordinance 2009-08 Ordinance amending section 19-21 code of ordinances to amend the vessel and storage regulations for those properties that were annexed into the Town in 2001, for so long as ownership of said properties does not change…

c.- Ordinance 2009-09 Ordinance creating section 5-61 of the code to be titled “inoperable boats and boats under repair” to prohibit boats that are inoperable and under repair for more than 90 days from remaining in jurisdiction of the Town….

12. Consent Agenda….

a. Commission approval of revised seating layout for sidewalk cafe’ Aruba Beach Cafe’-Asst. Olinzock…

BC- Just rearranging the furniture …no additional seats…why the need then for consent?….

b.- Commission approval Eatrer By- The- Sea for 2009-Town sponsored event-Sat. 4/11/09-8:30 am-1 pm-Asst. Olinzock

BC- Commission Backup Material–Appropriations of funds-$1500.00/Pending BSO approval/At Municipal Park/Town Commission/assisted VFD & CIC-contact person Cristie Furth/actual event time 10am-noon-/requiring 2 Municipal workers/anticipate 500 participants/25 volunteers/waive parking meter fees-parking at Community Church-El Prado-Town Hall/signage Cristie Furth will comply with Town code/amplified sound system/clean-up 2 Town personnel/trash removal Waste Management/no additional restrooms/3 10×10 canopy tents/VFD fire station-food-hot dogs-cookies/cake-drinks/Event contractor-volunteer-VFD/CIC statement of benefit signee-Comm. Clottey

c.- Commission approval  Walk Against Hunger 2009-Sun. 3/1/09-8:00-10:30 am-requiring refund of $100 fee- Asst. Olinzock

BC- This may be what the woman who was so rudely turned away a few meetings back by VM McIntee came to discuss….

d.- Sanitary Sewer Repair Phase I- Televac $14,795 piggybacking the City of Sunrise-Asst. Olinzock

BC- Commission Backup material-2-17-09 memo from Dir. of Development- Phase 1 sewer repair…cracks/seals need repair -phase 1 area-south end of Town-west of A1A- not including Bougainvilla east to Intercoastal and north to Commercial Blvd/Proposal- TeleVac to furnish Vactor cleaning truck TV/grout truck and crews to seal 53 joint leaks and root cut 14 joints with root intrusions in the main lines…

e.- Emergency Electrical Repair-Police Dept-$3,866.75- Asst. Olinzock-

BC-Commission Backup materials- This was the fire on 2/9/09 at the Police station…

Memo from Dir. Development Dept.- The Dir.-Don Prince received the call at 2 am on 2/9/09.-went to Police station arrived at 2:19am-fire was out-VFD ventilating building-investigated- found it was the breaker box-needed emergency repair-called electrician-electrician arrived 3 am-power restored by 6 pm-bill $3484.25-required additional $382.50 to finish permitted job-but could go up if inspector finds additional work-Arthur Sallah from RTS services (ins. adjuster) came 2/12/09 took statement & pictures of scene returned 2/17/09 for more pictures…

Electrician Proposal- Al Siefert-trace & identify all circuitry in newly replaced panel/disconnect & remove ole feeders from south garage building to BSO sub station building

BSO Police -Chief Gooding -office event report/fire-2/9/09-1:45 am-offices-Govt. office building/Narrative- On 02-09-09 at approximately 0145 hrs. I entered the Dist 13 office and observed that the power was out and there was the smell of smoke. Fire and Rescue responded and located an electrical fire in the power supply box. Sgt Laguna was on scene. LBTS maintenance supervisor also responded to the scene-Krystyan, Danny-Supervisor P. LaGana

VFD Incident Report-Basic-alarm date & time-01:45:51-Mon 2/9/09-arrival time-01:48:36/last unit clear time-03:11:02/response time-0:02:45/Incident-Bldg. fire/action taken-extinguish/prop. loss & value-$10,000.00/ Fire-enclosed bldg/area of origin-equipment or service area/heat source arcing/1st ignited-structural component or finish/type of material – plastic/cause -unintentional/contribution to ignition-short circuit arc from mechanical damage/ human factor-none/structure- fire spread -confined to object of origin/arson- investigation closed/

Apparatus-c212 (McIntee)-resp. time-0:01:32/M12 (AMR)- resp time- 0:01:26/C12 (Chief Perkins)-no response time shown-arrival time 01:50:15/E212-resp. time-0:02:45-3  cert.personnel /Sq12-resp time-0:02:45-4 personnel-2 cert/2 trainees/E12-resp. time-0:02:45-3  cert.personnel-(K. Padden on E12 and E212)/reported by M. Angelos-Officer in charge & Reviewer-Jerry McIntee


Narrative-Daniel Chavez-At 0145 hours on Monday February 9,2009 we were dispatched to a building fire. Six units were assigned to this incident. Twelve personnel responded. We arrived on scene at 0148 hours and cleared at 0311 hours. The incident occurred at 4501 N OCEAN Dr. L-B-T-S in District 12A. The local station is 12. The general description of this property is public or government. The primary task(s) performed at the scene by responding personnel was extinguishment. No mutual aid was given or received.

The involved structure is described as an enclosed building. The building was occupied and operating. “Equipment or service area” best describes the primary use of the room or space where fire originated. This building has one story above ground. The fire occurred on the first floor. The fire was confined to to the object of origin. “arcing” best describes the heat source that caused the ignition. The cause of ignition was unintentional. The material first ignited was “plastic”. The use or purpose of the material that was first ignited was “structural component or finish”. “Short circuit arc from mechanical damage” contributed to the ignition of the fire.

The estimated property loss on this incident was $10,000. The estimated property value was $10,000. Fire watch was performed until FPL arrived and restored power. Turned over to Public works director after FPL was on scene.

Alarm number 1400131 has been assigned to this incident.

BC- VFD press release- previous post- VFD category/this Incident Report contains the same language as the 2/2/09 Incident Report…”The fire was confined to to the object of origin.”…no “embellished” 1-man show…press release this time around…(previous posts-scoops/VFD  categories-2/2/09 north end “working fire”)

13.-Resolutions …public comments allowed…

a.-Resolution 2009-04- Resolution amending fire rescue  and safety service fees by decreasing by 10% the periodic/ annual fire safety inspection fees for existing buildings

BC- Not sure who did the Resolution- Town Manager or Town Atty.?…Broward County crossed out- replaced with Town Comm….Still includes special event fees for VFD?….

b.-Resolution 2009-06- Resolution for issuance of a notice of intent concerning pending amendments to chapter 30 of the code of ordinances

BC- this is to give notice of the changes that were proposed at the 1/13 &1/21/09 workshops on changes to land regulations…

a.-Amendment to sec. 30-21 of code-revising reconstruction and continuation of nonconforming uses and structures

b.-Amendment to section 30-123 of code regarding duration of site plan-scope of bldg. permits to be secured during site plan approval

c.- Amendment to section 30-211 of code to amend building setback req. in RS-5 residential zoning dist.

d.- Amendment to section 30-271 of code to provide for cooking schools,catering,motorized scooter & moped sales & rentals, shall be permitted within B-1 dist.

e.- Amendment to 30-313 of code to provide revision  of development standards for fences, walls, plantings, hedges, prohibit gravel driveways in RS-4/5 & RD-10 dist., non -asphalt paving materials, to provide for grading , landscaping maintenance of swale areas in RS-4/5 & RD-10 districts of regulations of generators or underground containers for natural gas -provide for development standards & req. for mechanical equipment

f.- Amendment to section 30-507 of the code to amend informational, directional or traffic control sign, amend definition of real estate sign & provide temporary holiday decorations.

Projected time frame to adopt regulations:

a.- public hearing & Comm. Approval of processing of proposed regulatory changes- 3/10/09

b.-P & Z Board-3/18/09

c.- 1st reading of Ord.-4/7/09-2nd reading of Ord.-5/12/09

14, Quasi Judicial  Public Hearing

a.- Beach Hardware- fire escape…

BC- was tabled by Commission after passing BOA on 1/13/09 (previous post-boards category BOA-1/13/09)…New LBTS Fire Marshall was working with business to find alternative…

15- Old Business…

a.- Discussion/and or action to do away or change the Pier Fishing sign…VM McIntee…tabled  from 1/28/09…

BC- this is an attempt to further cause trouble for the owners of Athena…in this writer’s opinion…the delay was to look into the sign being designated an “historic landmark”…some research was done.. with the Bureau of Historical Preservation…according to the Florida Master Site File- there is only 1 previously recorded archaeological site located on Pine Ave in POMPANO BEACH…and 1 standing structure…the Anglin House in LBTS…

BC-Even so…with no formal designation……leave the sign alone…just like the Chamber…walk away VM…walk away…

b.- Discussion and/or ACTION-$$$$$…. yet again to deal with Greenfest…VM McIntee…

BC-a letter was sent by the Town Attorney to Terry Arthur…on Jan 29,2009…no response…thus far….(found in backup material)…

The letter from Atty. Abbott…

January 29,2009

Dear Mr. Arthur:

This office serves as the Town Attorney for the Town of Lauderdale- By- The- Sea.

We understand that you have, or have access to, certain financial documents pertaining to the 2008 Lauderdale-By- The Sea Greenfest. Please be advised tha Sec. 17-117, Lauderdale-By- The- Sea Code of Ordinances, requires the maintenance of “financial records of the (special) event sufficient to document all revenues generated by the event. These financial records shall be open for audit by the Town in the event the Town acts as sponsor or co-sponsor of the event.” Violation of the referenced Ordinance is punishable by a fine of $500.00 per day.

Pursuant to the above authority, please provide me with all fiancial records that you possess or have access to relevant to Greenfest including, but not limited to, bank statements, canceled checks, deposit endorsements, and all records which refer to or pertain to the above.

Please provide me the requested documents no later than 10 days from the date of this letter. Very truly yous, Daniel L. Abbott

16.- New Business…

a.- Disc. and / or action to clarify & revise Ord. 2003-509 which only addresses resident/employee “permits in posted areas”- Comm. Silverstoine-

b.- Discussion and /or action for placing signs for hospitality/businesses- Comm. Clottey…

BC- Back again…for the” Nth” time…it was this writer that picked up the ball last time around…after it had been brought to the forefront at least 2 times prior…My input came at the now defunct Walk Around Committee…brought to the dais…then MPSC…with a visit from Delray Revitalization Head Honcho -Marjorie Ferrer/ and the sign company Rep. Delray used ……brought to the Commission…only to fade away once more…will this be any different?….Fingers crossed!….

17.-Town Attorney Report-no backup…

Overview after the meeting….

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Here’s The Scoop…We Made The Papers…Where To Be Tuesday Feb. 24th…/The LBTS -Regular Commission Meeting Attendees….Make Sure To Make Time For Both!…..

February 21, 2009 by Barbara

Chamber of Commerce

February 24    6pm – 9pm
El Prado & El Mar
Bid on a ride in the GOODYEAR BLIMP!
See CBS 4 News’ Chief Meteorologist
Broadcasting the Weather Live 5 – 6:30pm

4201 Ocean Drive
(954) 776-1000


‘As winter in South Florida begins to wind down, residents should be getting back to the beach, where tourists flock any time of year. This exodus is typically marked by a series of craft fairs, food festivals and live concerts that are meant to put the beach spirit back in Florida’s homegrown.

With that in mind, keep the calendar open for Lauderdale-by-the-Sea’s eighth annual Taste of the Beach from 6 to 9 p.m. Feb. 24 on North Ocean Drive. The quiet atmosphere of this small town should remind folks why they live near the beach and in the heat in the first place.’

full text link below-,0,291121.story

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